Monday, July 4, 2016

Anybody but Nieskes !

TO:  My readers at St. Croix Corruption,

I publish another email correspondence written to Bruce Vielmetti, distinguished writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Bruce recently wrote an interesting article involving the candidates for the Iron County District Attorney’s office. It is a fun article to read.
You may read the article here:

Bruce also featured another interesting article about the Wisconsin District Attorney’s offices, you may read the article here:

But I don't expect Bruce to write any more than he has already written about the St. Croix District Attorney's race.  This story is just too hot to handle. 

Below is the email I forwarded to Bruce in hopes of whetting his appetite for a really good story of  David vs. Goliath, right vs. wrong, the ALL POWERFUL, ALL MIGHTY, ALL KNOWING District Attorney vs. a Pro se litigant, the long arm of the blogger vs. the long arm of the law

Kind of brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it?

Remember folks, I stand behind the statement that I believe Michael Nieskes is an unconvicted criminal !

Enough of my ranting!

Here is the email:

Harry Wait

6:27 PM (2 hours ago)
to bvielmetti
I enjoyed reading your enlightening article about the candidates for the Iron County District Attorney's office.
It is pleasing to see non public career attorneys seeking government service.
In another part of the state, the St. Croix County D.A. race got interesting when former Racine County D.A. and Judge Michael Nieskes threw his hat into the ring for District Attorney.

As you may recall in 2012 and 2013, I followed the State vs.Tom Barrett case in Milwaukee County and extensively blogged about that entrapment case. At the same time I was very active in a court case that was wrongfully initiated and prosecuted by Nieskes against myself and another family member in Racine County Circuit Court.

As a result of Nieskes's misconduct and criminal acts, I spearheaded the efforts in 2012 to remove Michael Nieskes from elected office in Racine County.  We were overwhelmingly successful in our efforts to remove the
 "All powerful All corrupt" Nieskes from office.

To refresh your memory of the Racine elections of 2012, I have attached the following article

You will notice in the article that Nieskes was soundly defeated by over 3,600 votes all while enjoying the benefits of being the incumbent Racine County Circuit Court judge and also being the former District Attorney of Racine County. The other available Racine County judicial seat was won by Timothy Boyle,  a republican by a margin of less than 70 votes out of 31,000 plus votes. By our estimates, our efforts in year 2012 got over 1,700 republicans to jump ship.

I endeavor to continue to be Nieskes achilles heel, or his nemesis if you wish, as he is not worthy to be of public service. I recently open St.Croix County Corruption to inform the Hudson area residents of Mr. Nieskes's past.
I leave you with the following blogs I am active in to promote the "cause". 

As you can see, I am actively promoting the  "ANYBODY BUT NIESKES" theme to the St. Croix County voters.
I have provided the below email I sent to numerous individuals in St. Croix County, two reporters, two candidates and  a courtesy copy to Michael Nieskes. 

Keep up your great reporting!



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