Friday, July 8, 2016

                  "ANYBODY BUT NIESKES"
                   Nieskes is like toxic waste
Like a spider weaving its web, Michael Nieskes has a documented history of  abusing his power and subverting other government officials into his corrupt web.  He conspires with others in government to deny citizens their rights guaranteed by Wisconsin State statutes and both the State and Federal constitutions.

Our documented history of Michael Nieskes acting subversive to the rights of the individual is indeed extensive. Can I be the only person, a single Pro se litigant who fought the ever corrupt narcissist Michael Nieskes? Want to bet there are others ? Nieskes's stripes haven't changed so there must be others he abused even in this quaint community of St. Croix county. How about sharing your stories as I have, the privilege is yours for the asking. 

On January 6th, 2011, Michael Nieskes acted punitively, negligently, and was complicit in the decision to wrongfully cite me for civil forfeiture disorderly conduct on my own family's property. At the time of  the altercation, I was protecting my family and their interest from an unwanted trespasser. The trespasser was legally ordered off of the property several times. The trespasser refused to leave and subsequently I remove the keys from his vehicle and told him he can now wait for the Sheriff.

Not only was my conduct legally allowed, according to Wisconsin State Statutes I was further privileged to act. Michael Nieskes failed to abide by the the U.S. constitution to protect me under the 14th. amendment of the U. S. constitution, that is equal protection of the law.  Michael Nieskes instead conspired with a sheriff deputy and wrongfully and punitively cited me for disorderly conduct.

Michael Nieskes's punitive acts were precipitated by our previous terse discussions of my apprehending at gunpoint three criminals in the act of burglarizing on my family's property.

During court proceedings, Michael Nieskes filed a false affidavit into court records. The conspiring, corrupt Racine County Circuit Court Judge Ptacek would not honor my request of subpoena to impeach Michael Nieskes of his false affidavit in court testimony. This is all in the court records of case 11-FO-57.

Michael Nieskes negligently and maliciously prosecuted me to feed his own demented narcissistic ways. Court records, dates and evidence were tampered with by named (Thomas Christensen)
Thomas Christensen

and unnamed government agents during the course of the 20 month case. This is all documented in court testimony and transcripts and further elaborated upon in court by former Racine County ADA Noah Wishau.

During this 20 month span, there were several exparte meetings between Judge Ptacek and the D.A.'s office.  The results of these meetings included the adjournment of trial the day before trial, with the D.A.'s office notifying their state's witnesses without notifying me or my witnesses. I would show up for trial with my witnesses only to find out the court( Judge Ptacek) conspired with the D.A.'s office to deny me my trial the day before.  Several of the defense witnesses were employees of Racine county - including dispatchers.This illuminates how little concern Michael Nieskes had towards his own fellow government employees.

This dirty tactic of exparte meetings between the judge and the D.A.'s office to adjourn the trial the day before trial happened 3 times.  My subpoenaed witnesses would to show up to court only to be notified by the court that the trial was adjourned the day before without notification to the plaintiff  or his witnesses.  State's witnesses were notified and did NOT appear for trial.  I don't make this shit up as it really happened as I speak

During battle with "Nieskes the Narcissist" I had several others watching and blogging about the case, you may read about one of the blogs here:

February 9th. was the last attempt to hold trial, to hold and expose the criminals of Racine government for their negligent, malicious and wrongful prosecution. Once again I subpoenaed Michael Nieskes into the court, this time for trial.  Due to continued conspiracy, complicity and collusion by the D.A.'s office and the Racine County Circuit court , I was again denied trial.

Rich Chiapete was then recently appointed D.A. of Racine County. Shortly afterwards Rich Chiapete requested the court to dismiss my case "with prejudice" and so the court reluctantly obliged.
       The case was dismissed with prejudice!

Folks , this is all part of Racine County court records, Mike Nieskes is a corrupt, incompetent ass that could not successfully prosecute a Pro se litigant of a civil forfeiture even when he stacked the deck.  If Nieskes couldn't legally and successfully prosecute a civil forfeiture against a Pro se litigant in a stacked court, how the hell can St. Croix residents expect him to prosecute a criminal with a competent attorney?

Mike Nieskes belongs in jail, not as a prosecutor.

Hear ye St. Croix County Residents,

                   as the campaign continues


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