Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sanders sells out to the Dark Side

IN an unprecedented move, Bernie Sanders has been sold to Hillary Clinton, leaving his supporters in disarray.

The easy purchase of Bernie Sanders was a result of negotiations  bribery between the Sanders camp and DNC, all orchestrated by Hillary Clinton.

In the sale of Bernie Sanders,  Sanders proved he didn't have what it takes to be President. 

Sanders folded to the presence of corruption in the DNC and failed to fight for what he stated he believed in.

Sanders proved in front of all of World he is a phony and an "entrenched" member of the dark side. 

Bernie Sanders is man who lacks conviction , integrity and guts.

Sanders is indeed a COWARD and a WHORE.

Bernie Sanders violated a basic principle of fairness:
  Cheaters should never be allowed to prosper.

The DNC and its party are diseased and dying.

 To be a Democrat today is to be a person who allows cheaters to prosper.

The disease is real!

Kind of makes you proud to be a Democrat, doesn't it?

Reality or Satire?

You decide  

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