Sunday, July 24, 2016

DNC News Flash
From the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia Pa.

and the revived "feel the burn campaign"


DNC Wasserman test comes back positive!

Debbie Wasserman, head of the Democratic National Convention is being removed from her position in an all out effort to protect the Democratic Party and its members.

City health officials have confirmed that all DNC delegates have been exposed to the disease and additional testing is being performed on all DNC staff.

DNC officials are scrambling to limit the outbreak to the delegates before a national epidemic occurs.

The CDC has stated this is a rapidly spreading disease and expressed concern of riots and mayhem if the disease is not contained.

Below is a CDC projected computer age photo progression of Debbie Wasserman and her partner during this week’s Democratic National Convention.
computer photo generated age progression during week of 7/24/2016

Fears are mounting that panic and riots will ensue this week in Philadelphia if the outbreak is not contained to the DNC and its delegates.

The DNC has confirmed that the disease has spread to most party delegates and is taking aggressive measures to prevent the disease from spreading to other democratic party staffers and party members.

Bernie Sanders supporters eagerly seized the opportunity to revive the 
"Feel the Burn" campaign:

DNC official statement: “ Party Officials are working closely with their delegates, staff and comforters to further contain the disease and determine find someone else to blame for the source of the outbreak”.

NOTE: The Wassermann test is the industry standard to determine the presence of syphilis.

You were warned !!! Both political parties are diseased

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