Monday, July 4, 2016

Anybody but Nieskes !

The following open email is being provided as a public service to the voters of St.Croix County.  This is done in the spirit of freedom, a gift from our founding fathers on this 4th. of July, 2016.


Michael Longaecker

Chuck Rupnow

Rory  O'Sullivan

Sarah Yacoub

Michael Nieskes


Candidate Michael Nieskes for St. Croix District Attorney

Harry Wait

M (9 hours ago)
to Michaelchuck.rupnowrorySarahmichael.nieskes
Good Morning,

On this fourth of July, I write you in the spirit of what our founding fathers of this great country envisioned, government of the people, by the people, for the people.

The importance of electing an honest  D.A. is perhaps not paramount for most citizens. In Wisconsin's polarized political scene, being a Democrat or Republican appears to be of greater importance than that of moral character and integrity.

Personally I am repulsed by both political parties, but that is not my reason for this email.

I write to inform you, along with the possibility that you may enlighten your readers and supporters of the errant ways of Michael Nieskes in Racine County.

Michael Nieskes's checkered past includes abuse of power and criminal acts while acting as Racine County's District Attorney.

The most egregious provable violation beyond any doubt is contained in Racine County Circuit Court records in black and white print, the signed false affidavit that Michael Nieskes knowingly filed into court records while acting as Racine Couny District Attorney.

By subpoena, I  invited Michael Nieskes into Racine County Circuit Court several times to impeach his testimony, only to be thwarted by the bias, prejudice and ever so corrupt Racine County Circuit Court Judge Gerald Ptacek. The coward Michael Nieskes would not appear in court to back his smack.

The filing of a false affidavit into court records is indeed a criminal act, and Micheal Nieskes did indeed commit such an crime.

Michael Nieskes is an unconvicted criminal and not worthy of public service. Considering the District Attorney's office is perhaps the most powerful and influential position in St. Croix County government, one would want to ensure that the office is held by a person of impeccable character, and that is not Michael Nieskes.

I do not currently endorse any St. Croix County candidates for District Attorney. , but I do stand behind the "ANYBODY BUT NIESKES" theme.

You will notice that I cc'd Mr. Nieskes with this email as there is no hidden agenda on my efforts to thwart his attempt for a public office he does not deserve.

With irrefutable records, I do back my SMACK !

Harry Wait

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