Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Have you noticed?
Michael Nieskes loves parades !
Mike Nieskes’s D.A. facebook account has been recently devoid of any relevant information or issues of the 
St. Croix  District Attorney’s office.

But, the UN- candidate’s D.A.  facebook
account is full of Parades

So let’s go down the list!

New Richmond parade is about to start!! Thanks for all the hard working volunteers!

Great parade last night at River Falls! The community really knows how to come out for a parade!! It was great seeing so many friends and meeting new people. Thanks Steve, Jim, and Will for volunteering!

Talking with Sheila Harsdorf after the parade.

Great Hudson Booster Days Parade!! Thanks for all the volunteers who walked with us!!

It's parade time again! Looking forward to seeing all of you at the Hudson Booster Days Parade. Lineup space 22. Come walk with us!

Now that the parades are over he wants you to picnic and meet the UN-candidate at an ice cream social
“ Come enjoy a cool root beer float 
on a warm summer evening

I think frosty's would be more in order

Image result for WENDY'S WHERE'S THE BEEF 

 Mike doesn’t want to talk about the issues because he is the issue !

To Know Nieskes is to NO NIESKES !


  1. How can Nieskes run for office. When Judge Gerald Ptacek of Racine WI says. That Nieskes should have his license revoked and sent to jail. So why dos St Croix County hire Nieskes then promote him to Deputy DA. When they no his past History of corruption.That tells me there is corruption in the court system. And it needs to be cleaned

    1. chase, I do not have in any records that Judge Gerald Ptacek stated "that Nieskes should have his law license revoked and sent to jail". If that record exist, I would like to have a copy of that record. The statement " Nieskes should have his law license revoked and sent to jail" is probably the defendants statement that you misread.

      Judge Gerald Ptacek was the judge that conspired with the D.A.'s office to deny the defendant trial. Judge Gerald Ptacek was complicit with D.A. Michael Nieskes's office and engaged in exparte meetings the day before trial to adjourn the trial without notice to the defendant and his witnesses.
      The D.A's office notified their witnesses the day before trial that the trial was adjourned leaving the defendant and his witnesses standing in the courtroom without any opportunity to be heard. A despicable act of complicity between the D.A.'s office and the Racine County Circuit Court system. This above scenario happened three times.
      Ptacek belongs in jail along with Nieskes.