Thursday, July 21, 2016

Get to better know your 
St Croix
Deputy District Attorney

Michael Nieskes has an extensive history of abusing the powers of the
District Attorney’s office.

In Racine County, Nieskes had a reputation of using questionable witnesses. 
Let’s first get to know Nieskes’s star witness in a 2011 Racine County Circuit Court case, 
Nicholas Sheen

And here is Nick's facebook account;

It appears Nick and Nieskes might have 
attended the same university.

During Nieskes’s reign of terror acting as District Attorney in Racine County, Nieskes’s egregious acts included abusing the powers of his office to wrongly, punitively and maliciously prosecute individuals at his whim using questionable witnesses.

In the year 2011, Nieskes acted egregiously in a civil forfeiture case INITIATED by Michael Nieskes. The Racine County District Attorney’s office named Nicholas Sheen as the State’s star witness to forward Nieskes’s personal agenda against the defendant(s).

In the year 2012,  after Nieskes’s fall from power, the next District Attorney moved the court to dismiss the case with prejudice, over the court’s objections.  Yes you read that right, over the court’s objections.  This is how effectively Nieskes subverted even the courts to act at his whim. 
Racine Circuit Court Case # 11-FO-57

After the removal of Michael Nieskes from power in Racine County,  Mr. Sheen appeared on the RADAR of numerous law enforcement agencies. Coincidence? We don’t know because Nieskes would not appear in court for us to impeach his testimony when we subpoenaed him.

But we do know this, without Nieskes in power to provide protection to Mr. Sheen, Sheen was caught in the grasps of accountability of his actions , ending Sheen’s reign of terror and putting Nieskes's star witness in prison.

Here is what one of Sheen’s cellmates wrote as a comment to the above hyperlinked news article;
POET Apr 30, 2015 10:13pm
I met Nicholas Sheen when I was in the Racine Co. Jail and he allowed me to read his case log. We have to understand that there were people who he was angry with in those houses at the time the fires was set that was sleeping. Elderly people. I spent 90 days in there with him and I can honestly say that he showed his true colors down there. Sheen had no regard for any one and I was giving Bible studies. He spoke very badly about his girlfriend, the people in those houses and even his dad. On three occasions I had to threaten him to get him to stop. I'm sorry but In my honest opinion, Sheen is guilty as heck and the time he got he surely deserves.

Folks, this is all part of Racine public and court records, vet and scrutinize your current St.Croix Deputy District Attorney carefully. 
After reading you will understand…….
To KNOW Nieskes is to NO Nieskes!


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