Friday, July 1, 2016

For St. Croix District Attorney

To:  Fellow readers in St. Croix County

Nieskes has a proven track record to harass and abuse his powers against citizens when it comes to rights under the Second Amendment.

Nieskes so pissed off Wisconsin Carry members that they filed Federal court action specifically naming Nieskes as a defendant while he was acting as District Attorney for Racine County.

Of course as a member of the “good old boys club”, his buddy Wisconsin Attorney General J B Van Hollen came to his rescue and used his clout to help make the case against Nieskes “go away”.

Open the below hyperlink and you will get an idea of what Nieskes is all about… DENY… DENY… DENY…

And as we also know him as LIE…LIE…LIE !

Yes,  this is the same Michael Nieskes who in Racine County Circuit Court knowingly filed a false affidavit into court records. So I subpoenaed him into court to impeach his testimony but he wouldn’t show into court.  He further used and abused his ADA to the point that I filed OLR complaints.  

Nieskes is clearly a narcissist, to such a point that he had put his own ADA at risk of being sanctioned for his lies.
When asked what I know about the candidate Michael Nieskes for St. Croix County District Attorney……..RINO, COWARD, POS

Campaign signs will soon be available......Order yours today!


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