Friday, July 15, 2016


To the ten attendees 
at the St Croix County 
Republican District Attorney debate.

Alicia Schneider
Andrew Nelson
Daryl Standafer
Dianne Prombo Kiel
Hugh H. Gwin
John Shilts
Pat Sabin
Paul W. Berning
Scott Nordstrand
Travis Schneider

I salute you for tending to your civic responsibilities in your community.

The D.A's office is perhaps the most powerful and influential position in the county.

Being such, it must be held by a person of impeccable character.

Please fully vet and scrutinize your candidate carefully. 

Would you want  one of your family members at the mercy of the unbridled hands of a narcissist ?

Beware of  "Nieskes the Narcissist" who claims he likes to wear the white hat but will trample your rights at his whim.

Unlike the Republican party,
the attendees can be assured that we at 
St. Croix County Corruption have protected their email and social media accounts by redacting any links before we published their names. 

"To KNOW Nieskes is to NO Nieskes"


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