Tuesday, July 5, 2016


An open email to Douglas Stohberg and
Michael Longaecker of the Hudson Star, 
and Michael Nieskes concerning the 

Harry Wait

to DouglasMichaelmichael.nieskes
The Hudson Star should take extra measures to fully vet the candidate Michael Nieskes for St. Croix County District Attorney.

Good morning,  my name is Harry Wait, and I have extensive history dealing with your candidate for St. Croix County District Attorney.

I will provide you with the thirty 30 second version of my experience as I know your time is valuable.

Beginning with the apprehension of criminals on my family's property located in Racine County, so began my journey with Nieskes.

You may read about the apprehension here:

While attending hearings regarding the three suspects, ADA Patricia Hanson in one of the corridors of the Racine County Safety building identified me to Michael Nieskes.

Michael Nieskes's first words out of his mouth were something like this;
Nieskes: "If you had shot them I would have arrested you"
Wait: "Where is the conversation of self defense?"
Wait: Who the f*ck are you?
And so began the downward spiral of disdain that I developed for the narcissist Michael Nieskes. 

Shortly afterwards on January 6th, 2011 was the day of enlightenment that Michael Nieskes's true and full narcissistic character was fully revealed. 

Nieskes conspired with a Racine County Sheriff Deputy and wrongfully cited me for  civil forfeiture disorderly conduct, then threaten to upcharge me with misdemeanor disorderly conduct when I began my process to dispute the charge in court.  

Fortunately for me I had already began many recordings (including video) of interactions I had with Racine County government. 

20 months later, the new District Attorney dismissed the case with prejudice.

Consider this, If Nieskes was such a desirable commodity, why did the voters in Racine County kick this dufus out of office?

Even worse yet, Nieskes as a former District Attorney and Judge wasn't hired by Racine area law firms, that alone speaks volumes of the apparent lack of respect by his fellow legal peers in Racine.

In the end your quaint little town got stuck with this loser.

Want to know more?

Thanks for your time.

Harry Wait

Think about this folks, I apprehend criminals and Nieskes was already looking for a way to penalize me.

Thanks folks for reading !

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