Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Coming in the next few days
The story of "two buddies"
"classless acts" 
     and their       
"Abuse of Power"

Image result for car 54 where are you
And Marty's mindless madness!
Getting paid while getting laid!
Cops who obstruct justice!
Cops who falsify official logs!
Cops who keep their pants down!
 But keep their boots on!
Cops who abuse their power!
Supervisors who don't supervise!
 Who is the supervisor screwing 
since he/she is not supervising?

Hey Marty,
Is Hudson a great place to be a cop?
Or what?

Who polices the police?

What a clusterf*#k management of a department!
And complicit with Michael Nieskes to boot!

Like Sinatra said
"the best has yet to come"