Tuesday, August 30, 2016

2 out of 3
 During the August 8th  St. Croix republican primary, Michael Nieskes as Deputy District Attorney experienced an underwhelming victory.

Michael Nieskes unofficially received 1,370 votes out of 3,830 cast. Considering he is the virtual incumbent candidate, that is a dismal 35% of the vote.

On August 8th, nearly 65 out of every 100 republican voters didn’t believe Michael Nieskes was the best choice for the community of St Croix.

Here are the numbers:
1370 votes for Michael Nieskes
1251 votes for Donna Burger
1209  votes for Rory O’Sullivan

Apparently the truth about Nieskes is getting out to the voting republicans in St. Croix County.

Michael Nieskes’s highly self touted experience comes with a tainted past. A past ripe with contempt of the U.S Constitution and Wisconsin laws.

Michael Nieskes’s past egregious conduct in Racine County acting as a District Attorney has already been exposed, including his criminal act of filing a 
false affidavit into court records.

Michael Nieskes also talks as if he supports the 2nd. amendment, but in reality he is a Rino republican who has and will subvert citizens rights at his whim.

 If you own a gun, he may arbitrarily accuse you of being in some subversive organization or may state you are a danger to the community. 

 Nieskes is neither honest nor honorable, but he documented as a coward and a liar.

And as coward and liar, Nieskes will cower from anyone who exposes him for what he is.  But Nieskes as a narcissist will bully the weak, oppressed and vulnerable to make him appear as the all mighty, all knowing, all powerful 

Grand Wizard of St. Croix County.

 Remember,  Nieskes acting as a coward and narcissist would not appear in court when I subpoenaed him to impeach his testimony. 

Do you really want a coward and legal subversive as a District Attorney in St. Croix County?

During our upcoming St. Croix District Attorney Symposium, we will have our documents with us to back our smack and we will be happy to answer any questions or address your concerns of our political platform.

We do our work as Pro Bono Publico/Politico activists for the greater good of the community.  We are moved by the writings of the likes of Martin Niemoller and act accordingly.

Concerned for your future?
Look in your own backyard at the recent Kali Bookey case, see how the St. Croix County District Attorney’s office abused their powers and falsely charged a minor with homicide when no homicide occurred.    The Bookey case is an indicator of the future wrongful acts to come by the D.A.’s office should Michael Nieskes be elected as D.A.
Please remember on November 8th, 2016:


Sunday, August 28, 2016

Michael Nieskes
Friends forwarded to us that you are talking about a debate with your opponent Sarah

So how about debating me?
 Let us set the record straight about Michael Nieskes.
While in Racine County, I subpoenaed then Racine County D.A.  Nieskes into court to impeach his testimony about his false affidavit he filed into court records, the coward would not show and hid behind Judge Ptacek's robe.
So Mikey,
How about attending my
D.A. symposium?
And YES, we can throw in a debate on top of it.
I formally challenge you to a debate.

I will debate you at law . 
Then we can debate your past and present application of the law since you really like to wear the white hat.

Grand Wizard Michael Nieskes? 
Wearing a white hat?
Yep, that's how I see him!

Together we can put on quite a show to the public who wish to properly vet their next District Attorney.

With an adversary and nemesis, you can display to the public how smart and tough you are.

Other topics we can throw in for laughs and entertainment are  posse comitatus, second amendment, veracity, integrity, common sense and yes your favorite ploy to your mentally challenged followers - STALKING!!!

Then we can discuss Wisconsin Statutes and Supreme Court Rules, the likes of Candor towards the tribunal, meritorious claims and contentions, false affidavits, definition of disorderly conduct, egregious conduct and so much more.

While debating me, you could attempt to display your self perceived superior morality*
*(Noun) principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.
wisdom and intuitive thought.

The Lord knows you need a boost in your campaign as
your approval rating from registered republican voters is only 36%!

Think about this Mikey, 64 out of every 100 republican voters in the primary elections didn't think you were the best candidate for the job.

How many registered republicans in this D.A. election are going to vote for the person rather than the party?  Looks like many republican voters already know this early in the election process that you are a fraud and a schmuck.

Oh, and one more debate item that is a current puzzle to the community that we could debate, your office falsely and wrongly charging a minor defendant for homicide when no homicide occurred.  Hmm. We can discuss that brilliant charge as well. 

HOW about Mikey, are you up for the show or are you going to again be a coward as you were in Racine County and hide underneath behind

Judgey Wuggey’s robe.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Satire…..or is it?

An ad should read:

Meet CHILD ABUSERS in the St Croix County Circuit Court system.

Yes folks, if your child is brought before the St. Croix County District Attorney’s office, there is a chance your child may be abused by the errors, acts, omissions and negligence of the D.A.’s office.
From Wikipedia:
“The terms abuse and maltreatment are often used interchangeably”….

“Definitions of child maltreatment can vary across the sectors of society which deal with the issue,[5] such as child protection agencies, legal and medical communities, public health officials, researchers, practitioners, and child advocates. Since members of these various fields tend to use their own definitions, communication across disciplines can be limited, hampering efforts to identify, assess, track, treat, and prevent child maltreatment”.

As a bonus to your child, he/she may be further abused by Judge Lundell if they appear in his court.

Case in point:

Recently, a 14 year old child was arrested and hastily charged as an adult for her alleged crime. 

More than likely the defendant was wrongly moved into adult court by the apparent negligent, derelict and incompetent St. Croix District Attorney’s office.

The D.A.'s office was apparently negligent amongst other reasons by hastily charging the defendant as an adult before conducting a psychological evaluation of the defendant.

 The D.A.’s office further showed their apparent negligence and incompetent(or should we say malicious?) behavior by wrongly and falsely charging the child with
Wisconsin Statute 940.01(1)(a)

Then after the D.A's office is exposed of their alleged negligence, Michael Nieskes backtracks and motions the court to seal the records.

The scheme team of D.A.Eric Johnson and Michael Nieskes's  apparent retreat and backtracking appears to have exposed the lack of thought and prudence given to this high profile case that has garnished national attention. 

The problems are the D.A.'s office already opened Pandora's box and there is no homicide!
 There exist no dead body, no cadaver, no stiff related to the incident.
nil, nada zip zappada!

According to police reports, the defendant's victim was "bleeding profusely from the face and neck".

 But the assaulted child did not die and is thankfully in recovery.

Nowhere in the police complaint did the complainant state the victim died.

But something did die.
What died was the rule of law.

The rule of law is dead in 
St. Croix county!

The D.A.’s office knowingly falsely charged a defendant of a crime the defendant didn’t commit.

The D.A. knowingly falsely charges the defendant with a crime without any chance of proving the charge in court. 

That in itself is an abuse of power and prosecutorial misconduct.

Then Judge Lundell’s court allowed a known defective complaint to stand before his court!

  Judge Lundell’s court further published libel against the defendant.

Why and how do these egregious government acts occur in St. Croix County?

Because the St. Croix legal community has more than its fair share of schmucks* 
* schmuck

  1. a foolish or contemptible person.

And more importantly, because the local legal community puts their self interest first. 

The local legal community works in conjunction with these derelict court officials and therefore has to negotiate the best possible deal for their clients. 

And the legal community's best self interest means you don't bite the hand which feeds you. 

Due to their failure to speak up, the local legal community is silently complicit with the egregious acts of the St. Croix legal system. 

The silence of the St. Croix area legal community is deafening.

Today, we reference one case.

 Has other egregious acts been conducted by the St. Croix District attorney's office and Judge Lundell court to which the legal community has been silent?

Folks, we challenge you to learn the writings of Martin Niemoller and use that knowledge to enhance the wellbeing of your community 

Click below:

Today, it may not be your child before this abusive legal system, but what about tomorrow?

There is no apparent local peer pressure to clean up the local corrupt legal system. 

The St. Croix legal community’s silence is what empowers the St. Croix District Attorney’s office to abuse prosecutorial discretion and falsely charge defendants.

And judge Eric Lundell’s court ?

   Judge Lundell’s court publishes freely at will libel of the charge of homicide against a child to which no murder has been committed. 

The St. Croix legal community of silent cowards turn their head in 
The St. Croix legal system is full of toxic waste.
Anybody but
Nieskes !
 Please send us a current picture of 
judge Eric Lundell and we will honor that picture by posting it online.
You may send the picture, direct inquiries or ask questions to:

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

St. Croix County, Wi.
State vs. Kali Bookey
Case # 16CF322
The critical hour vs. 
the critical charge

We at St. Croix County Corruption reviewed the responses of several different agencies involved in the Kali Bookey incident. 

Included in the review were the following;
·      Police responses and reports vs. responses of the St. Croix County District Attorney’s office
·      EMS Platinum 10 minutes vs.  D.A’s initial response 
·      EMS Golden hour vs. D.A’s initial response and review of events
·      Hospital’s treatment vs. DA’s response and the charging of Ms. Kali Bookey

Folks , this critical review of recent events has exposed your County’s true professionals working in the county vs. the inept St. Croix County officials.

ST. Croix’s  
Responsible Members:
The teams who acted well under pressure were law enforcement, emergency medical personnel and hospital staff.

Ask any law enforcement officer or medical personnel about the first critical hour of response and they will tell you during that time life or death may hang in balance.  

The critical hour response team did a commendable job.

Law enforcement officials properly investigated the initial complaint, quickly determined the incident scene was not as described by the complainant, located a beaten girl alive at the scene, secured the scene and medical personnel arrived.  

EMS personnel treated and stabilized the living victim and transported the severely injured alive child to the hospital.

Hospital personnel treated the victim and due in part to the professional dedication of the all the above personnel, the victim is alive and in the process of recovery.

Thank God a high standard of professionalism and ethics exist in the street law enforcement and medical fields of St. Croix County officials.

 A job well done!!!

Now remember what we just said, “the victim is alive and in the process of recovery”.

Below is the beginning of the complaint filed by the St. Croix County District Attorney's office which includes the charge of homicide
WTF? nobody is dead here!

Now to the unexcused, derelict, incompetent D.A.’s errors, acts and omissions with the complicit hanging judge of St. Croix County, Judge Lundell.
Rino Nieskes

Have you ever experienced or worked in the settings of a D.A.’s office or judge’s chambers?

Let us tell you firsthand how nice and cozy these office environments are.

 Both the D.A.’s office and judge’s chambers is an environment free from the chaos that other government agencies must endure.

The offices are far removed from the stress and chaos of an active crime or trauma scene.

The offices and chambers have locked doors that ban the entry of the general public.

Its incoming phones calls are filtered so they only talk on the phone when they want or need to. 

Access to the D.A.’s office or judge’s chambers are allowed only when they deem it so.

Both the D.A.' office and judge's chambers environment is temperature controlled, has custodial services and are free from the stress, chaos and disturbances that other public servants must endure during normal working hours.

Unlike the D.A. and Judge, the working professionals at the active crime and trauma scene did and got their job right.  So why can't the D.A.'s office and Judge Lundell get their job right when there is no pressure of an active scene, free from the chaos and trauma that others in government endured? 

Much of the D.A.’s time is spent reviewing the reports and records of crime scenes, then drafting appropriate complaints to submit into the St. Croix County Circuit Court system.

And the judge’s time, huh that’s a joke in itself, all the judge has to do is scrutinize the facts presented upon the court and rule.

Yes they have it very cozy.

We believe that they had it so cozy that the D.A. and the Judge could do whatever they wish without the fear of public scrutiny and recourse.

That was before the coming of the paper tiger who reads and scrutinized their court documents, then mocks, insults and exposes public officials who act derelict and corrupt.

History has taught us that if someone is affiliated with Michael Nieskes, chances are there will exist complicity, conspiracy and collusion to subvert the rights of the individual. And so appears the false charge of 940.01(1)(a)

The MAGIC appearance of 940.01(1)(a).

So how did the St. Croix County Circuit Court come upon Wisconsin Statute 940.01(1)(a) against Kali Bookey ? 

Did officer Chris Drost come up with the false charge of 940.01(1)(a) himself or did somebody prompt him to include the charge of homicide?

The online WCCA records regarding Kali Bookey has her being charged with homicide.

A reasonable person reading the St Croix County publication of the homicide charge would have good reason to believe a murder took place. 

So why does the false homicide charge exist?

Did some lackey court official working for the derelict and incompetent Judge Lundell decide he/she didn’t like the defendant and decided to look up this statute and post it to online records? 
Did the D.A.’s office send a memorandum to the judge or lackey court official about the use of 940.01(1)(a) ? 
Did the bias Judge Lundell order the court official to publish the false and wrongful charge ? 

As if the defendant doesn’t have enough of her own problems without the infliction of malicious, educated idiots in government compounding matters by publishing an erroneous charge.

It appears the unjust act by the St. Croix County Circuit Court system has compounded the defendant’s problems by the use of libel, slander and defamation of character against the defendant to garnish more public support against her.

The D.A.’s office hastily and foolishly rushed the defendant into adult court when red flags were apparent from the beginning of the criminal investigation.

So what was the hurry to charge? 

The crime scene was investigated and secured. 
The was no additional threat to the community.
The alleged perpetrator of the crime was in custody.
The state had more than enough evidence to hold for probable cause until an arraignment hearing.

  So why did the derelict Johnson/Nieskes District Attorney management team ignore the apparent mental instability of the defendant.  Surely her statements to law enforcement officials and her actions appeared to be indicative of an unstable mind.  

So why didn't the D.A.'s office request an evaluation of the defendant before opening Pandora's box.

The D.A.'s errors, acts and omissions 
are glaring to us.

We believe the St. Croix County District Attorney's office acted negligently and wrongly by failing to exercise due diligence. The D.A.'s failing to order an evaluation of juvenile Ms. Bookey before charging her as an adult is indicative of negligence and incompetence in the District Attorney's office.  
Then after opening Pandora’s box upon Ms. Bookey, Mike Nieskes days later scrambles to seal the court records in an apparent effort to cover their mistakes. 
Why do we say this ?

Because if Nieskes were truly interested in justice, one of the first orders of business Nieskes would have been  is to correct the government's published records of the charge of homicide.  Why?  So as to not further taint the jury pool with government lies when/should this case go to trial.

And remember those lies of the charge of homicide were manifested and published by government officials. 

To even further compound the errors and exposure of St. Croix County,  numerous government officials including St. Croix County Corporate counsel were contacted about the errors, acts and omissions of county personnel and were asked to correct those online records. To this day the egregious published charge of homicide by St. Croix County officials remain online.

The errors, acts, and omissions of the St. Croix legal system appears to have guaranteed the defendant a change of venue, should her legal counsel decide to choose to do so.

The negligent government act of posting and publishing the false charge of homicide 940.01(1)(a) indicates there are already unknown government agent(s) and conspirators acting maliciously against the defendant.

 Do you think the conspirators will willingly come forward and admit their acts?
We don’t think so either!

Compared to other government agencies and EMS work environments, the D.A.’s office and judge’s chambers are sterile, whose only conflicts of chaos and stress is self inflicted with the likes of conspiracy,complicity and collusion.

So how does a lawyer in this sterile environment come to prosecute a charge of homicide when there is no death, no corpse, no cadaver , no dead body  involved in this complaint  ? 

And how does a judge come to allow the online charge of homicide to exist when no such crime has been committed?

It appears members of the St. Croix County District Attorney’s office and judge Eric Lundell is on hallucinogenic drugs, or perhaps using a kaleidoscope when reading and reviewing all the above agencies reports. 

The false, wrongful published charge of homicide appears to be an abuse of prosecutorial discretion and Judicial misconduct, lacks candor towards the public and fosters contempt of the legal system.

The false charge further corrupts the jury pool.

Only fools and criminals would post such a false charge knowing full well that the charge cannot be proven in court.

The false charge of homicide is both unethical and immoral.  

Government officials should be held liable for their derelict and malicious acts.

The defendant Kali Bookey already has an apparent lifelong uphill battle before her without the additional burdens of lies from St. Croix County government officials.

Shame is upon on you Judge Lundell for being derelict and inattentive to your responsibilities to protect the integrity of your court.


That’s our opinion, 
what’s yours?

Remember to vote on Tuesday

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Meet District Attorney Eric Johnson

Meet Deputy District Attorney Michael Nieskes
The Grand Wizard of St. Croix County

See their latest management screw up
State vs. Kali Bookey
St Croix County Circuit Court
Case # 2016CF000322

Meet dumb and dumber

The “D” team of Johnson and Nieskes team up on a juvenile and wrongly charge her with Wisconsin statute 940.01(1)(a).

Meet the dumbest

The Johnson and Nieskes management team collectively charge a juvenile with a crime she did not commit!

In case you can't read the above WCCA  snapshot, the charge says 1st. Degree Intentional Homicide

Why would  A.D.A. Alexis McKinley file or prosecute a complaint of homicide before the court that she knows is not true?

There are some very serious issues of veracity being violated by government officials.

Hey Eric,Why stop at homicide?

Hey Mike, why not add a few more ridiculous charges of bank robbery and speeding on her bicycle? 

These two BOZOS abuse their power in office and wrongly upcharge Kali Bookey with the following Wisconsin statute; 940.01(1)(a)

940.01  First-degree intentional homicide
(1) offenses
(a) Except as provided is sub. (2), whoever causes the death of another human being with intent to kill that person or another is guilty of a Class A felony.

Did you notice the term homicide?
Did you notice the “ whoever causes the death” part of this statute ?

That means somewhere there should exist a cadaver, corpse, dead body, a dead human being !

But no dead body exist!

There was no homicide involved in this case, yet the “D” team of Johnson and Nieskes  charge Ms. Bookey with homicide.

To exacerbate the wrongful charge, token lackey Judge Eric Lundell fails to properly question and scrutinize the bogus charge of homicide at court hearings. A legitimate judge would have tossed the false and defective complaint back into the D.A's office and told them to get it right before ruling.

The apparent complicity between the D.A.’s office and the court is disturbing, unethical and subverts the rights of all the public.

We at St. Croix County Corruption have no issues to bring Ms. Bookey into the justice system, just make sure the justice system is fair and honest. Not run by lackeys, liars and other undesirables.

Bad judges manipulate people; they alter and destroy lives in the wake of their corruption.  Bad government manifests itself thru complicity and collusion.

WAKE UP St. Croix residents!  Wrongful, malicious and punitive prosecution are a good part of why Nieskes got kicked out of Racine County.

We have already filed a complaint to the Office of Lawyer Regulation (OLR) regarding the misconduct of the St. Croix District Attorney's office.   Veracity matters!

If you also wish to file a complaint  you may do so here:


Updated: We have also sent notice to Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel.

Voters , you have the power to hold government officials accountable for their acts, but do you have the conviction?

                        "ANYBODY BUT NIESKES"

Monday, August 1, 2016

The Fall of Trust of the
St. Croix judiciary System
State Vs. Kali Bookey
Case # 2016CF000322

The alleged egregious acts of 14 year old  Kali Bookey have been extensively covered by mainstream media 
and social media outlets. 

And we as part of the community extend our hearts and prayers to the victim of this shocking and unthinkable event.

Will the victim of this crime make a full and complete recovery? We most certainly hope so.

We understand the communities desire and need to protect the community from such 
egregious conduct.

We further understand that part of the District Attorney’s office mission is to protect the community, and should act legally and responsibly to achieve this goal.

But due to negligence and mismanagement in the St. Croix District Attorney's office, another "victim" may be appearing in this case.

This "victim" is the defendant Kali Bookey, a victim of complicity between the St. Croix District Attorney's office and Judge Eric Lundell of the St.Croix County Circuit Court System. 

The St. Croix District Attorney's office has wrongly charged Ms. Bookey with homicide when no death occurred in the commission of her alleged crime.

Further Judge Eric Lundell failed to properly vet the complaint forwarded by the District Attorney's office during hearings.

The charge of homicide indicates somebody died, not merely insinuating a death. 

 Why has A.D.A. Alexis Mckinley brought forth charges that she cannot 
prove in court?

For the District Attorney’s office to bring forth charges against a defendant that it cannot prove in court is negligent, unethical, malicious and further lacks candor towards the tribunal.

Now don't get the idea we are condoning Ms. Bookey acts, as we are not. 
Ms. Bookey appears to have some serious issues, but she may grow out of her issues as her brain continues to develope as she ages. 

But what are the excuses of the adults in the D.A.'s office committing the wrongful and negligent act of mischarging?

District Attorney Eric Johnson has over 30 years experience as District Attorney
and Deputy District Attorney Michael Nieskes also has extensive experience.

Is this a pattern and practice of negligence and abuse of power by the St. Croix District Attorney's office that has now come to light?

This case is barely out of arraignment and there are already many legal issues of errors, acts, omissions, negligence and complicity committed by the District Attorney’s office. 

But why has the media neglected to illuminate these apparent failings of the 
St Croix District Attorney’s office?

And why has the media failed to report the apparent acts of complicity by Judge Eric Lundell of the St. Croix County Circuit Court ?

We currently don't know the answers to these questions.

We are only laymen at St. Croix County Corruption, with no formal legal training, but we will make inquiries.

 But we do have lots of experience exposing wrongful acts by government employees and we know how to publish those acts.

Kali Bookey, a minor in St. Croix County has been wrongly charged by the St. Croix District Attorney’s office with Wisconsin Statute 940.01(1)(a).

Wisconsin Statute 940.01(1)(a) reads:
940.01  First-degree intentional homicide
(1) offenses
(a) Except as provided is sub. (2), whoever causes the death of another human being with intent to kill that person or another is guilty of a Class A felony.
The problem with this case for the D.A.'s office is that there is no death associated with 
St. Croix case # 16CF322. 

That’s right !

No cadaver ! No corpse !  
No dead body!
NILL - Nada -  Zip - Zapata

That means the District Attorney’s office knowingly filed a complaint that it knows it cannot prove in court.

To exacerbate the wrongful acts of District Attorney’s Eric Johnson’s and Deputy District Attorney Michael Nieskes ‘s apparent mismanagement of this case, 
Judge Eric Lundell failed to properly vet, question and scrutinize the false charges.

Are we to believe that Judge Eric Lundell is so removed from reality that he is the only person in St. Croix County that is unaware that no death occurred in this case?

When we talk about judicial systems that is corrupt to the core, the St. Croix County Judiciary system appears to be in need for a major cleansing. 

We deplore the management style of deception by District Attorney Eric Johnson and Deputy District Attorney Michael Nieskes.
       "Anybody but Nieskes"

                                   "the Un campaign "

The D. A.'s office has already mismanaged this case by wrongly charging Ms. Bookey of a crime it cannot prove.

 The negligent act of charging the defendant with a crime 
they knowingly cannot prove 
in an honest court is both immoral and unethical. 

Judge Eric Lundell appeared to act complicit with the D.A.'s office and failed to ascertain probable cause that a death occurred. 
Where's the beef body ?

But Hey,
 who said Judge Eric Lundell runs an 
honest court?