Tuesday, April 17, 2018

 You know the saying.....
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

 Will you be enlightened of
 two rotten apples at the end of this blog ?
You decide!
In life, you get what you negotiate!
Nieskes negotiates bad Karma
Really Really Bad Karma!

Michael Nieskes
 Court Coward
 Facts are Nieskes has negotiated 
 my informational blogs.

In the fall of 2010, I apprehended and held three burglars at gunpoint on private property in Racine county.
You may read about it here:

 In Racine County, Then District Attorney Michael Nieskes was known as soft on crime,
I attend court hearings to insure the proper prosecution of these criminals. During court hearings I was introduced to Nieskes by then A.D.A. Patricia Hanson, now current D.A. of Racine county. 

Nieskes's first words to me was not a "thank you" or "nice job for apprehending the criminals" or discussions of safety. Nieskes stated more like
" If you had shot them, 
you would be under arrest
Nieskes didn't address a conversation of possible self defense. I learned at that time Nieskes in a heartbeat would subvert the 2nd. amendment if given a chance.

I already knew by reputation that Nieskes was a dissolute P.O.S.
Of course we had very terse words that day,
something Nieskes would deny later 
thru a false affidavit sworn into court records.  
On January 6th. of 2011,  I attempted to remove more trespassers from our property. Racine County District Attorney Michael Nieskes personally intervened with a sheriff deputy thru a telephone call and wrongfully ordered a sheriff deputy to cite my brother in law and I for disorderly conduct on our own property.

In citing my brother in law with disorderly conduct on his own property, Nieskes had crossed the line and attacked my family as well.  

My brother in law and I both had legal right and privilege to remove trespassers off our property.  Nieskes both punitively and egregiously ordered the citation of civil forfeiture disorderly conduct while on our own property.
And so began my 20 month journey in the corrupt Racine County Circuit system to have my case dismissed with prejudice, with sanctions.  After 20 months in court, the case was dismissed with prejudice.

Yes with prejudice!

During those twenty months of time in the court system, Michael Nieskes filed a false affidavit into court records and fought all my subpoenas for him to appear in court in person. The coward Nieskes would not face me in court.

 Nieskes further conspired with the dirty Judge Gerald Ptacek to deny me scheduled trial on three occasions.  Nieskes thru his ADA had held ex parte meetings with the judge the afternoon prior to trial dates to adjourn trial, without notification to Defendant (me) or my witnesses. All States witnesses were notified of adjournment and did not show for scheduled trial the next morning. It's all part of court record along with the following governmental misconduct: 
evidence tampering
court records tampering 
court dates tampering
witness tampering 
Racine County Circuit Court case # 2011- FO - 00057 

Folks, I don’t’ make this shit up, 
the court record speaks for itself.
Nieskes is a fraud, a manipulative piece of shit.
But Nieskes is not alone,
 all those who have helped Nieskes avoid being held accountable: 
Judge Gerald Ptacek,
 Attorney General Van Holland
 “good ole boys” in the Wisconsin Department of Justice are  enablers as well.

The criminal complaint filed at the Wisconsin Department of Justice against Nieskes was never acted upon.

The only avenue of relief I have obtained from the egregious misconduct of Michael Nieskes was by blogging, exposing Nieskes for the fraud he is and helping the voters in Racine county to remove him from office.

Our justice system is corrupt, rigged and hopeless without the ability to pierce the protection of absolute immunity for government officials.

In life you get what you negotiate.
Nieskes got what he negotiated. The truth revealed!
Nieskes was overwhelmingly removed from office in Racine county because of real information provided to the voters from bloggers. Nieskes became tainted meat in Racine county.  Nieskes moved outside of the Racine county area to find work. 

When I was in Hudson during the D.A. debates of 2016,
One of Nieskes groupi girlfriends named Mary whined that I am dangerous and a stalker.
Truth being known to Mary, I am not a stalker, I am a blogger.   If I were a stalker, the punitive POS Nieskes would have surely brought me into his corrupt legal system to again flex and abuse his power. But Nieskes knows I am tenacious and will again embarrass and humiliate him in all fronts of all his indoctrinated feeble minded followers. 

Since Nieskes the coward did not appear in court against me when he ordered the sheriff deputy to issue me a citation, do you think the coward would attempt to bring me into court for the truth to be again told.
Nieskes is a bad joke thrust upon St. Croix County residents by the republican party.  

Nieskes is a coward, an abuser of power and a narcissist. Nieskes only cares about himself and his phony 
"white hat" image. 

While in Racine county, Nieskes put his ADA's at risk of both disciplinary actions and of sanctions to forward his own personal agenda. It appears Nieskes continues his diseased legal work in St. Croix county by influencing ADA Alexis Mckinley to prematurely file charges against a fourteen year old girl without the benefit of all the 
facts and evaluations completed.    
Image result for les incompetents gif

Nieskes is indeed "Les Incompetents"

The preponderance of evidence illuminates Nieskes as an incompetent idiot who abused his authority in front of a 14 year old girl.

OHHH Michael, even your derelict buddy of a judge didn't buy into your misguided and deranged sense of law, the case was remanded to its proper juvenile venue. 

St Croix County Case Number 2016CF000322 State of Wisconsin vs. Kali (Kay-lee) Jade Bookey

All charges against Kali (Kay-lee) Jade Bookey in this case have been dismissed. These charges were not proven and have no legal effect. Kali (Kay-lee) Jade Bookey is presumed innocent.

Nieskes claims he is an experienced trial lawyer and likes to wear the white hat, but in reality he is an idiot, a fraud of a human being, a pompous ass and a bad joke upon St. Croix county residents.

Oh yes, about the fallen apple ?
Nieskes thinks himself as a golden apple, but in reality Nieskes is rotten to the core

Did you know that Michael Nieskes’s son was convicted of his second OWI and initially used a public defender until faced with real jail time?


Read the files carefully and you may think
 Michael Nieskes's son scams the system just like his father!

Like father - like son?
Not quite! 
 According to Waukesha county Judge Michael Aprahamian's legal clerk, his kid did pay the court over $1300 in assessments and fines which are not indicated on online WCCA records. 
There appears to be some hope for his kid's future, if he can stays clear of his father's narcissist traits. 

But there are other online irregularities in this criminal traffic case  -  can you find them?

Nieskes gets what he negotiates.


Friday, November 24, 2017

Is the BEAST at it again?
Has Nieskes again abused his power?

On Thanksgiving day, we at Racine County Corruption received the likes of this following email.
So of course we wish to share this engagement with our proper venue, St. Croix County Corruption.

It is Thanksgiving and my xxxxxx and I are spending it hiding because Nieskes created another arrest warrant for my xxxxxxx. He is abusing the electronic filing system. 

Any chance you can send me a copy of that 100+ pg. Complaint against Michael E. Nieskes so that I can forward it to the proper agency along with the proof of misconduct that we have as well? We would be very thankful.

Have an awesome Thanksgiving!


xxxx & xxxxxx
Victims of Corruption in St. Croix County.

We responded with the likes of the following;

Good morning xxxxxxx,

First, thank you for reaching out to me.
Second, let me state that Michael Nieskes is an unconvicted criminal, protected by both the courts and the Wisconsin Attorney General's Office.
The public doesn't think about or are aware of prosecutorial misconduct until they are a victim themselves.

The criminal  complaint against Michael Nieskes you seek is available thru an open records request from the Wisconsin Attorney general's office.
The criminal complaint was filed in December of 2011.
A simple Public Records Request to the Wisconsin Attorney General's office will generate your request. 
I have provided in this email a Wisconsin Public Records Request template in a manageable word format for your use.

Along with your specific request, I have provided other copies of Wisconsin Public Records request that I have made to give you a idea of how a properly written request focusing on specific records is produced.

Wisconsin regulating agencies (Wisconsin Judicial Commission, Department of Lawyer Regulation)have an abhorrent record of public service. 
These agencies neglect, ignore, minimize and trivialize public complaints, but they do a great job of protecting the accused.
In spite of the agencies dismal record, you should document Nieskes egregious conduct anyway.and forward it to the appropriate agencies.
Please forward the complaint to me so I may document Nieskes's continued egregious conduct.

In your records request, you will have to fill in the date, your address and sign the attached request.
You should call the attorney general's office to see if they will accept and act upon the Public Records Request via email, if so it will speed up the process.
Also ask if they have digitized the file, if so they can email you the complete complaint.
If you have truly been abused by Nieskes, don't give up the fight as their are others that can help you find justice.

I would further like to review your case, so please email me what you can.

Harry Wait


Wisconsin Public Records Request

Brad Schimel
Wisconsin Attorney General
Wisconsin Department of Justice
P.O. Box 7857
Madison, WI 53703-7857


Subject: Wisconsin Public Records Request

Mr. Schimel,

This letter is a request for the inspection of the following records under Wisconsin Public Record laws.
(Wisconsin Statutes 19.31-39 and others)

This Wisconsin Public Records Request is specifically focused on the criminal complaint filed to your office against Michael Nieskes in December of 2011.

The criminal complaint was filed by Harry Wait of Union Grove, Wi.

Specific records requests:

The requester wishes to review the complete criminal complaint filed into your office by Mr. Wait   I further request copies all other complaints filed into your office regarding any misconduct of Michael Nieskes

The requester wishes to review these files in its entirety.

Please be aware that the Open Record laws define “records” to include information that is maintained on paper as well as electronically stored records,  such as data files, video, and unprinted emails.

Wisconsin Public Record laws shall be construed in every instance with the presumption of complete public access consistent with the conduct of government business. The denial of access to public records is generally contrary to the public interest and only in exceptional case can public records access be denied.  Should you deny any part of this request, the law requires you to do so in writing and state what part of the law you believe entitles you to deny my request.  {Wisconsin Statute 19.35,(4),(a)}
The law requires you to respond to this request “as soon as possible and without delay”. Compliance is mandatory by law.  Comply and produce the all the requested records or deny the records request (all or in part) within ten days.

Compliance at some unspecified future time is not authorized by the public records law. The records custodian has two choices: comply or deny. WTMJ, Inc. v. Sullivan, 204 Wis. 2d 452, 457-58, 555 N.W.2d 140, 142 (Ct. App. 1996).

If there are questions or clarification needed of this request, please inform me so I may clarify or refine this request.

Please promptly contact me so I may conduct an inspection of these records.

Respectfully submitted,

xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
Your address
Your phone #
Your Email address

cc. St Croix County Corporation Counsel
 We protect our readers and writers identity. We know first hand that Nieskes is a POS, is punitive and is an unconvicted criminal running the criminal justice system in St. Croix county.  His egregious conduct is well documented.

Robert H. Jackson, former U. S. attorney General understood the dangers of a bad prosecutor.  We believed he understated the following ;
"The prosecutor has more power over life, liberty and reputation than any other person in America."

The reason of being understated you may ask?
Because prosecutors in the State of Wisconsin act with impunity, knowing full well both the courts and regulatory agencies have their back. Bad prosecutors like Nieskes laugh at the thought of regulatory agencies taking any action against them as he knows the agencies will automatically dismiss, marginalize, trivialize filed complaints and protect the accused.

Nieskes continues his egregious conduct in St. Croix County, first as an ADA, then as D.A.  As ADA,NIESKES filed homicide charges against a 14 year old child when no such homicide occurred. Nieskes then as D.A. dismisses all filed charges.  His insanity continues.
The false charge of homicide that Nieskes filed is a criminal offense in itself. 

To darken the matters, St.Croix County Corporate Counsel Scott Cox and Judge Eric Lundell emboldens Nieskes by the publishing of false and erroneous charges on the WCCA site, another criminal offense.
Judge Eric Lundell is guilty of the crimes of omission and allowing his court to publish such trash on WCCA. 

Scott Cox is derelict of his position by failing to act upon egregious misconduct by both the judge and his staff for posting such trash.  

Nieskes is a POS, a coward and a disease spreading in ST. Croix County, being aided by the diseased judicial branch and the ever derelict Scott Cox, St. Croix Corporation Counsel.  
 Nieskes acts with impunity, knowing the derelict court and regulating agencies will protect him.

But Nieskes is tough on 14 year old girls !!!

Learn the 198 ways to force change;

Think about this folks, if we were not telling the truth, Nieskes being the punitive POS that he is would take action against us.  

The truth hurts - right Mikey?

Thanks for reading and get out and kick some butt

Monday, June 12, 2017

State of Wisconsin vs. Kali (Kay-lee) Jade Bookey
St Croix County Case Number 2016CF000322

The continuing legacy of the ever derelict and incompetent 
St. Croix County District Attorney
Michael Nieskes

Michael Nieskes 


We choose the word bafoon because bafoon isn't a recognised word in most legitimate circles of english - just like Nieskes isn't recognised as a legitimate prosecutor by citizens who have a general knowledge of law and whom studied Nieskes's behavior as a prosecutor.

Urban Dictionary: bafoon

Fool, idiot, one who pretends to know something but does not. 
Michael Nieskes is also an Anathema

Anathema, in common usage, is something or someone that is detested or shunned. In its other main usage, it is a formal excommunication. The latter meaning, its ecclesiastical sense, is based on New Testament usage. Wikipedia

Michael Nieskes claims to affiliate with a christian church, but what kind of church would want a parishioner that lies and acts maliciously? 

Michael Nieskes knowingly filed charges in court that could not 
be proved in a legitimate court of law.  
Michael Nieskes along with  ADA Alexis McKinley knowingly committed fraud upon the court. 
Michael Nieskes and Alexis Mckinley filed the false charge of intentional homicide when no such crime was committed.

What kind of church would embrace a member of its congregation of such low character and morals?

Michael Nieskes is indeed an Anathema!
And what does that say for the character of the derelict and incompetent court?, who under the authority of St. Croix County Judge Eric Lundell didn't reprimand the prosecutors for filing false and malicious charges.

In July of 2016, then Deputy District Attorney Michael Nieskes &  ADA Alexis S. McKinley conspired, colluded  and engaged in the wrongful, malicious, negligent and criminal act of falsely charging  
Kali Bookey of homicide. 

Nieskes and Mckinley further wrongly charged Bookey in adult court. In March of 2017, Judge Eric Lundell remanded the high profile case into its rightful jurisdiction - juvenile court.

Even the colluding dud of a judge, St. Croix County Judge Eric Lundell saw through Nieskes's wrongful, negligent and criminal acts, and/or in the alternative, incompetence and malice.

Nieskes files the adult court charges against Kali Bookey as a Deputy District Attorney, then as elected District Attorney, dismisses his own charges.
His insanity continues!

Folks , I can't make this shit up.
Read below! 
WCCA records states: Dismissed on Prosecutor's Motion!

Let's look into this case . 

Count 1. 1st. Degree Intentional Homicide 
" whoever causes the death of another human being with intent to kill that person or another is guilty of a Class A felony."

Kali Bookey did not kill anyone!
 There is no dead body or cadaver!
The charge of homicide was an outright lie! 

Nieskes and Mckinley engaged in the criminal act of false swearing under Wisconsin statutes 946.32, and further engaged in an act of fraud before the court

All perpetrated under the guidance of then District Attorney Eric Johnson.  There are no clean hands in the St. Croix County District Attorney's office. These unclean hands includes St. Croix corporation counsel.

Wisconsin Statutes
946.32 False swearing.
(1) Whoever does either of the following is guilty of a Class H felony:
(a) Under oath or affirmation or upon signing a statement pursuant to s. 887.015 makes or subscribes a false statement which he or she does not believe is true, when such oath, affirmation, or statement is authorized or required by law or is required by any public officer or governmental agency as a prerequisite to such officer or agency taking some official action.
(b) Makes or subscribes 2 inconsistent statements under oath or affirmation or upon signing a statement pursuant to s. 887.015 in regard to any matter respecting which an oath, affirmation, or statement is, in each case, authorized or required by law or required by any public officer or governmental agency as a prerequisite to such officer or agency taking some official action, under circumstances which demonstrate that the witness or subscriber knew at least one of the statements to be false when made. The period of limitations within which prosecution may be commenced runs from the time of the first statement.
(2) Whoever under oath or affirmation or upon signing a statement pursuant to s. 887.015 makes or subscribes a false statement which the person does not believe is true is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.
This section applies to oral statements. The mere fact that a statement is permitted by law does not mean it is “authorized by law" within meaning of sub. (1) (a). State v. Devitt, 82 Wis. 2d 262262 N.W.2d 73 (1978).
The reference to the statute of limitations in sub. (1) (b) does not make it an element of the offense. The statute of limitations is an affirmative defense and is subject to tolling under s. 939.74. State v. Slaughter, 200 Wis. 2d 190546 N.W.2d 490 (Ct. App. 1996), 95-0141.
What is to be “authorized or required" under sub. (1) (b) is the oath itself, not the matter respecting which the oath is taken. State v. Slaughter, 200 Wis. 2d 190546 N.W.2d 490 (Ct. App. 1996), 95-0141.

It didn't take a legal scholar sitting on the bench to get Count 1 dismissed. There was no homicide as alleged by Michael Nieskes and ADA Alexis Mckinley.

A smarter,  honest judge would have admonished, sanctioned or found the two prosecuting attorneys in contempt of court.  But we never met anyone who said Judge Lundell was a smart or honest judge.

The other two charges could have been applicable had the perpetrator been an adult.  But obviously Nieskes and Mckinley are not proficient at math, are malicious, lack character, veracity and integrity as human beings.

The ST. Croix County District Attorney's office is openly engaged in criminal acts and is further sanctioned by 
St. Croix corporation counsel. 

The wrongful and derelict decision to prosecute Kali Bookey in adult court was a total waste of taxpayer money.  Our estimates of wasteful prosecution cost to wrongly prosecute a 14 year old child in adult court exceeds well over fifty thousand dollars. 

Add into the equation that St. Croix County engaged in the criminal acts of cyberbullying by publishing false accusations against this defendant is just  another example of the incompetence and malice in the St. Croix District Attorneys office. 

 Cyber Bulling  / Defamation

Cyber-bullying, or the practice of using electronic devices such as computers, mobile telephones or tablets to engage in behavior which is intended to cause fear, intimidation, or harm to others,
These prohibitions are found in ch. 947, Stats., as crimes against public peace.

Crimes of Harassment: 
Wisconsin law prohibits an individual from doing any of the following with the intent to harass or intimidate another person:  Striking, shoving, kicking or otherwise subjecting a person to physical contact, or• attempting or threatening to do the same.  Engaging in a course of conduct or repeatedly committing acts that harass or intimidate a person and which serve no legitimate purpose.

Wisconsin Legislature
942.01 Defamation. 
(1) Whoever with intent to defame communicates any defamatory matter to a 3rd person without the consent of the person defamed is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.

Keep in mind that the County of St. Croix knowingly and openly published lies about a defendant, themselves committing crimes in the process of alleged justice.

So how is Nieskes and all his alleged experience working for the St. Croix community so far?


Remember, we would not say it if it were not true.

WAKE UP  St. Croix county residents,
Your St. Croix judicial system is in disarray!

"St. Croix District Attorney's Office Image"

Read more about Nieskes at:

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


 The highly coveted “Today’s D.A. Dirty Rat” was awarded to Michael Nieskes last year for the following:
Abuse of power
Abuse of process
Court date tampering
Court records tampering
Conspiracy to deny defendant trial
And the criminal act of filing a false affidavit into court records
Ref: Racine County Circuit Court Case # 2011FO00057

Michael Nieskes is an un convicted criminal who engaged in the criminal act of filing a false affidavit into court records.  In 2011, a criminal complaint was filed against Michael Nieskes at the Wisconsin Attorney General's office. In 2012, Nieskes was run out of Racine County by voters after being exposed as the criminal he is.

Michael Nieskes

Michael Nieskes was elected St. Croix County District Attorney in 2016.
Michael Nieskes has brought his sick and despicable form of prosecution into St. Croix County.  Nieskes has extended his legacy of abuse of power and deceit in St. Croix County. Nieskes supervised and aided Assistant District Attorney Alexis McKinley to wrongly charge 14 year old juvenile Kali Bookey as an adult and falsely prosecute the Homicide charge of 940.01 (1)(a) in St. Croix County Circuit Court against defendant Kali Bookey.
Ref: St. Croix County Circuit Court Case #2016CF000322

District Attorneys have a responsibility to only bring forth charges to which they can reasonably expect to prove.
How can one even remotely expect to prove homicide when no homicide has taken place?
Thankfully no cadaver or stiff exist in the Kali Bookey prosecution, but what is dead is the rule of reason and law in the St. Croix County District Attorney's office.

To compound the legal matters of this case, Judge Eric Lundell has chosen to overlook the prosecution's lack of good judgment, discretion and candor towards the court

Only a derelict and irresponsible judge would allow a District Attorney's  false charge of homicide to remain before his court.  The court is well aware thru documents provide by law enforcement that the defendant Kali Bookey committed assault, not homicide. 

And speaking of derelict and irresponsible,   

Judge Eric Lundell has been derelict of his duties in the court by acting irresponsibly regarding his overview of the WCCA published records of his court. Judge Eric Lundell has published the false and malicious charge of homicide against juvenile Kali Bookey when Judge Eric Lundell is aware no such homicide took place.
St. Croix County and Circuit Court Judge Eric Lundell is responsible for the criminal act of Cyber Bullying against juvenile Kali Bookey.

Judge Lundell should be immediately recused.

Kali Bookey did not commit homicide, yet Judge Eric Lundell knowingly sees fit to wrongly publish and disseminate misinformation thru WCCA public records known to be false and prejudice against the defendant. 

WTF ???

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Coming in the next few days
The story of "two buddies"
"classless acts" 
     and their       
"Abuse of Power"

Image result for car 54 where are you
And Marty's mindless madness!
Getting paid while getting laid!
Cops who obstruct justice!
Cops who falsify official logs!
Cops who keep their pants down!
 But keep their boots on!
Cops who abuse their power!
Supervisors who don't supervise!
 Who is the supervisor screwing 
since he/she is not supervising?

Hey Marty,
Is Hudson a great place to be a cop?
Or what?

Who polices the police?

What a clusterf*#k management of a department!
And complicit with Michael Nieskes to boot!

Like Sinatra said
"the best has yet to come"

Monday, November 7, 2016

Michael Nieskes
Rino Republican Candidate
for District Attorney of St. Croix County

Profession: Career politician
Lifetime career in government
No experience in business world

Racine Reject
Overwhelmingly removed from office by 
Racine County voters in 2012

Child Abuser:
Failed to conduct a psychological evaluation on a defendant before moving a 14 year old girl into adult court.
Complicit with false court charge of homicide filed against 14 year old girl when no cadaver exist (thankfully) and no such crime was committed.

Complicit with St.Croix County Circuit Court, specifically Judge Eric lundell and his staff in the criminal act of cyberbullying, also appearing to be complicit in this crime is St Croix County Corporation Counsel Scott Cox.

(We believe Scott Cox is an officer of the corporation and has failed to mitigate any possible future claims against St. Croix county by failing to engage in remedial efforts to correct the records.  Mr. Cox is complicit by failure to act in the crime of cyberbullying with Michael Nieskes and Judge Eric Lundell).

Here are the reasons we bring the above people into Nieskes's resume:
While Michael Nieskes was in Racine County, Nieskes would regularly conspire with other government agencies and agents to wrongly/ punitively charge and/or deny the public their constitutional rights, just as he is already doing in St. Croix County.

Subversive to Civil Rights
Disregards Constitutional protections 
to the public:
Subversive against the 14th. amendment 
Subversive against the 2nd. amendment
Conspired with the court to subvert the right to trial to a defendant. 

Criminal Acts
Michael Nieskes engaged in the criminal act of filing a false affidavit into court records in 2011

100 page + Criminal complaint filed against Michael Nieskes in 2011 to the Wisconsin Attorney general's office

Nieskes's "1984" future vision of 
St. Croix County:
A dystopian future that controls the movements and acts of any of the offending public thru court ordered monitors, controls and directives. Abusing  bail and probation to enforce fines, compliance and control of the public. 
Michael Nieskes places party before country, just as George Orwell warned you about!

Folks, protect your future 
and that of your children.

Vote Donna Burger or Sarah Yacoub