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State of Wisconsin vs. Kali (Kay-lee) Jade Bookey
St Croix County Case Number 2016CF000322

The continuing legacy of the ever derelict and incompetent 
St. Croix County District Attorney
Michael Nieskes

Michael Nieskes 


We choose the word bafoon because bafoon isn't a recognised word in most legitimate circles of english - just like Nieskes isn't recognised as a legitimate prosecutor by citizens who have a general knowledge of law and whom studied Nieskes's behavior as a prosecutor.

Urban Dictionary: bafoon

Fool, idiot, one who pretends to know something but does not. 
Michael Nieskes is also an Anathema

Anathema, in common usage, is something or someone that is detested or shunned. In its other main usage, it is a formal excommunication. The latter meaning, its ecclesiastical sense, is based on New Testament usage. Wikipedia

Michael Nieskes claims to affiliate with a christian church, but what kind of church would want a parishioner that lies and acts maliciously? 

Michael Nieskes knowingly filed charges in court that could not 
be proved in a legitimate court of law.  
Michael Nieskes along with  ADA Alexis McKinley knowingly committed fraud upon the court. 
Michael Nieskes and Alexis Mckinley filed the false charge of intentional homicide when no such crime was committed.

What kind of church would embrace a member of its congregation of such low character and morals?

Michael Nieskes is indeed an Anathema!
And what does that say for the character of the derelict and incompetent court?, who under the authority of St. Croix County Judge Eric Lundell didn't reprimand the prosecutors for filing false and malicious charges.

In July of 2016, then Deputy District Attorney Michael Nieskes &  ADA Alexis S. McKinley conspired, colluded  and engaged in the wrongful, malicious, negligent and criminal act of falsely charging  
Kali Bookey of homicide. 

Nieskes and Mckinley further wrongly charged Bookey in adult court. In March of 2017, Judge Eric Lundell remanded the high profile case into its rightful jurisdiction - juvenile court.

Even the colluding dud of a judge, St. Croix County Judge Eric Lundell saw through Nieskes's wrongful, negligent and criminal acts, and/or in the alternative, incompetence and malice.

Nieskes files the adult court charges against Kali Bookey as a Deputy District Attorney, then as elected District Attorney, dismisses his own charges.
His insanity continues!

Folks , I can't make this shit up.
Read below! 
WCCA records states: Dismissed on Prosecutor's Motion!

Let's look into this case . 

Count 1. 1st. Degree Intentional Homicide 
" whoever causes the death of another human being with intent to kill that person or another is guilty of a Class A felony."

Kali Bookey did not kill anyone!
 There is no dead body or cadaver!
The charge of homicide was an outright lie! 

Nieskes and Mckinley engaged in the criminal act of false swearing under Wisconsin statutes 946.32, and further engaged in an act of fraud before the court

All perpetrated under the guidance of then District Attorney Eric Johnson.  There are no clean hands in the St. Croix County District Attorney's office. These unclean hands includes St. Croix corporation counsel.

Wisconsin Statutes
946.32 False swearing.
(1) Whoever does either of the following is guilty of a Class H felony:
(a) Under oath or affirmation or upon signing a statement pursuant to s. 887.015 makes or subscribes a false statement which he or she does not believe is true, when such oath, affirmation, or statement is authorized or required by law or is required by any public officer or governmental agency as a prerequisite to such officer or agency taking some official action.
(b) Makes or subscribes 2 inconsistent statements under oath or affirmation or upon signing a statement pursuant to s. 887.015 in regard to any matter respecting which an oath, affirmation, or statement is, in each case, authorized or required by law or required by any public officer or governmental agency as a prerequisite to such officer or agency taking some official action, under circumstances which demonstrate that the witness or subscriber knew at least one of the statements to be false when made. The period of limitations within which prosecution may be commenced runs from the time of the first statement.
(2) Whoever under oath or affirmation or upon signing a statement pursuant to s. 887.015 makes or subscribes a false statement which the person does not believe is true is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.
This section applies to oral statements. The mere fact that a statement is permitted by law does not mean it is “authorized by law" within meaning of sub. (1) (a). State v. Devitt, 82 Wis. 2d 262262 N.W.2d 73 (1978).
The reference to the statute of limitations in sub. (1) (b) does not make it an element of the offense. The statute of limitations is an affirmative defense and is subject to tolling under s. 939.74. State v. Slaughter, 200 Wis. 2d 190546 N.W.2d 490 (Ct. App. 1996), 95-0141.
What is to be “authorized or required" under sub. (1) (b) is the oath itself, not the matter respecting which the oath is taken. State v. Slaughter, 200 Wis. 2d 190546 N.W.2d 490 (Ct. App. 1996), 95-0141.

It didn't take a legal scholar sitting on the bench to get Count 1 dismissed. There was no homicide as alleged by Michael Nieskes and ADA Alexis Mckinley.

A smarter,  honest judge would have admonished, sanctioned or found the two prosecuting attorneys in contempt of court.  But we never met anyone who said Judge Lundell was a smart or honest judge.

The other two charges could have been applicable had the perpetrator been an adult.  But obviously Nieskes and Mckinley are not proficient at math, are malicious, lack character, veracity and integrity as human beings.

The ST. Croix County District Attorney's office is openly engaged in criminal acts and is further sanctioned by 
St. Croix corporation counsel. 

The wrongful and derelict decision to prosecute Kali Bookey in adult court was a total waste of taxpayer money.  Our estimates of wasteful prosecution cost to wrongly prosecute a 14 year old child in adult court exceeds well over fifty thousand dollars. 

Add into the equation that St. Croix County engaged in the criminal acts of cyberbullying by publishing false accusations against this defendant is just  another example of the incompetence and malice in the St. Croix District Attorneys office. 

 Cyber Bulling  / Defamation

Cyber-bullying, or the practice of using electronic devices such as computers, mobile telephones or tablets to engage in behavior which is intended to cause fear, intimidation, or harm to others,
These prohibitions are found in ch. 947, Stats., as crimes against public peace.

Crimes of Harassment: 
Wisconsin law prohibits an individual from doing any of the following with the intent to harass or intimidate another person:  Striking, shoving, kicking or otherwise subjecting a person to physical contact, or• attempting or threatening to do the same.  Engaging in a course of conduct or repeatedly committing acts that harass or intimidate a person and which serve no legitimate purpose.

Wisconsin Legislature
942.01 Defamation. 
(1) Whoever with intent to defame communicates any defamatory matter to a 3rd person without the consent of the person defamed is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.

Keep in mind that the County of St. Croix knowingly and openly published lies about a defendant, themselves committing crimes in the process of alleged justice.

So how is Nieskes and all his alleged experience working for the St. Croix community so far?


Remember, we would not say it if it were not true.

WAKE UP  St. Croix county residents,
Your St. Croix judicial system is in disarray!

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