Monday, November 7, 2016

Michael Nieskes
Rino Republican Candidate
for District Attorney of St. Croix County

Profession: Career politician
Lifetime career in government
No experience in business world

Racine Reject
Overwhelmingly removed from office by 
Racine County voters in 2012

Child Abuser:
Failed to conduct a psychological evaluation on a defendant before moving a 14 year old girl into adult court.
Complicit with false court charge of homicide filed against 14 year old girl when no cadaver exist (thankfully) and no such crime was committed.

Complicit with St.Croix County Circuit Court, specifically Judge Eric lundell and his staff in the criminal act of cyberbullying, also appearing to be complicit in this crime is St Croix County Corporation Counsel Scott Cox.

(We believe Scott Cox is an officer of the corporation and has failed to mitigate any possible future claims against St. Croix county by failing to engage in remedial efforts to correct the records.  Mr. Cox is complicit by failure to act in the crime of cyberbullying with Michael Nieskes and Judge Eric Lundell).

Here are the reasons we bring the above people into Nieskes's resume:
While Michael Nieskes was in Racine County, Nieskes would regularly conspire with other government agencies and agents to wrongly/ punitively charge and/or deny the public their constitutional rights, just as he is already doing in St. Croix County.

Subversive to Civil Rights
Disregards Constitutional protections 
to the public:
Subversive against the 14th. amendment 
Subversive against the 2nd. amendment
Conspired with the court to subvert the right to trial to a defendant. 

Criminal Acts
Michael Nieskes engaged in the criminal act of filing a false affidavit into court records in 2011

100 page + Criminal complaint filed against Michael Nieskes in 2011 to the Wisconsin Attorney general's office

Nieskes's "1984" future vision of 
St. Croix County:
A dystopian future that controls the movements and acts of any of the offending public thru court ordered monitors, controls and directives. Abusing  bail and probation to enforce fines, compliance and control of the public. 
Michael Nieskes places party before country, just as George Orwell warned you about!

Folks, protect your future 
and that of your children.

Vote Donna Burger or Sarah Yacoub


Friday, November 4, 2016

For Michael Nieskes
It's always about Nieskes!
Read about Nieskes !
Doesn't talk about the issues, but he sure talks about Nieskes !
It has been a rewarding experience to work alongside DA Eric Johnson as his Deputy District Attorney. I look forward to implementing my own goals and objectives as the District Attorney of St. Croix County. I will continue to carry a caseload as I always have done, because working in the courtrooms for victims, alongside the men and women of law enforcement is what makes the job so worthwhile. It is a privilege to work with the officers and deputies of St. Croix County and I appreciate their support. My record for the last 30 years of success in the courtroom, of leadership, integrity, and innovation has been repeatedly demonstrated . I thank you for your support and votes on November 8.
Mike Nieskes

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How about discussing the FALSE murder charge against Kali Bookey?

Oh!... we forgot you sealed the records! 

Was sealing the records an attempt to cover  violating Supreme Court Rules regarding false meritious claims against the 14 year old girl?

And how about derelict Judge Lundell's court, actively engaging in the criminal act of cyberbullying by falsely publishing the charge of homicide. Does Nieskes and Judge Lundell enjoy publishing false records for the public to read?

We believe so!

Folks, we don't have to write syfy when the County of St. Croix has such derelict, incompetent and reckless government employees who knowingly publish false charges for the public to read. 
False online WCCA records are no 
laughing matter.
Thousands of citizens and businesses use WCCA records everyday for scrutinizing job applicants.

The abuse of WCCA records are compounded by   false publications by both the District Attorney's office and Circuit Court System.   

Months ago we notified thru email Judge Lundell and St. Croix County Corporate Counsel Scott Cox of the false and malicious WCCA posting of the homicide charge against Kali Bookey. 

The response by government employees in St. Croix County government was to block our emails. 

How diseased is that?

    St. Croix County has engaged in the criminal act of publishing the false charge of homicide against 14 year old Kali Bookey on WCCA records. The publishing of the false charge of homicide is a criminal act of cyberbullying. The false charge is also immoral and slanderous,  leaving the county exposed to future civil prosecution in court.  

These crimes are committed by the very people who are entrusted to act as good public servants, to serve and protect.

We already know that the local St. Croix legal community will likely not step up to the plate to help fix this miscarriage of justice.
To do so would jeopardize the pay to play schemes  that are currently employed in the 
local legal arena. 

Oh to be a14 years old girl looking into the big bad eyes of the evil justice system, knowing she has no chance of redeeming herself with Nieskes's complicit, corrupt legal system. 

 In Racine County as district attorney, Nieskes earned his ill repute and it is obvious that he carried his dirty deeds of false charging into St. Croix County.

Now is the time to thwart Nieskes!

Nieskes is documented to be 
Anti/second amendment!
Nieskes was sued by Wisconsin Carry!
Nieskes is documented in Racine county to subvert the constitutional rights of the following: 
gun rights
property rights
defense of property rights
self defense rights

Nieskes while in Racine county engaged in the criminal act of filing a false affidavit into count records to cover his illegal acts.

 Nieskes was the first recipient of the National District Attorney Dirty Rat award, followed by his buddy Kenny Kratz

Be informed and smart like Racine county voters 
Remove Nieskes from office!



Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The "Un-campaign" continues

Nieskes the Subversive

 Voters on November 8th. have an opportunity to
 change the course of the growing derelict and corrupt ways of the 
St. Croix District attorney's office.

As Deputy District Attorney Michael Nieskes continues to build his web of subversive participants in St. Croix County, his ability to subvert the rights of the public will continue to grow as well.

Michael Nieskes was removed from office in Racine County by informed voters who understood the egregious conduct of Nieskes and of the dangers he represented.

In 2012, nearly 1,800 Racine County voting Republicans rejected Nieskes and his subversive ways of entanglement 
of other government agencies.
These agencies include his own agency,  the Racine County Sheriff office and the Racine County Circuit Court system, the very branch of government who is duty bound to protect you from such misconduct.  

Just as in Racine County, Michael Nieskes 
current reign of misconduct continues to spread in 
St. Croix County: 
Conspiring with A.D.A. Alexis Mckinley and others in the D.A.'s office, they together falsely charged the 14 year old minor Kali Bookey with homicide when no such murder occurred.  The D.A.'s office further spread their disease of misconduct to the complicit St Croix Circuit County judge Eric Lundell in the crime form of 
This is not a misprint folks, the inept and corrupt St. Croix District Attorney's office are actively engaged in 
egregious misconduct. 

Michael Nieskes and A.D.A Alexis Mckinley are in current violation of Supreme Court Rules.  
 Nieskes and Mckinley are engaging in the ongoing misconduct of the false charge of homicide and being complicit in the crime of cyberbullying , violating SCR 20:3.1, {Meritious claims and contentions} and  Wisconsin Statutes 947. along with its subsections.
Further Michael Nieskes and Alexis Mckinley are complicit in libel against Kali Bookey for the false charge of homicide.

 The failings of Nieskes and A.D.A.Mckinley to conduct psychological evaluations of the minor before waiving 14 year old Kali Bookey into adult court was a huge error as well:
Nieskes was again exposed as thoughtless and derelict for his knee jerk reaction to move the minor into adult court. Nieskes again covered his tracks and requested the court to seal the records from the public.
Any first year law student would know better than to automatically move a minor into adult court when the
 juvenile court system would probably better serve the needs of the 
community, victim and defendant. 

Yes the Nieskes disease is spreading in St. Croix County just as it spread in Racine County.  Every day Michael Nieskes will become more emboldened by the lack of scrutiny from both the legal community and the general public.

In Racine County in 2011,  the office of Michael Nieskes as District Attorney reign of terror in just ONE case included the following:
Violating his oath of office
Court dates tampering
Court records tampering 
Withholding of evidence
Evidence tampering
Evidence destruction
Contempt of court
Conspiracy to deny civil rights
Conspiracy to deny trial
Filing a false affidavit - a criminal act!

Think about this folks, in the above case, the office of Michael Nieskes knowingly violated court rules and conspired to deny trial to the defendant by holding unannounced ex parte meetings with the judge to adjourn trial the day before scheduled trial. The State would  notify state's witnesses that afternoon the trial was adjourned without notifying the defendant and his witnesses.
The defendant and his witnesses would appear at scheduled trial only to be told that the trial was rescheduled.

On three separate occasions Michael Nieskes's office employed this subversive and unethical  method  to avert trial.  Many of the defendants witnesses were government employees who were also abused by the egregious conduct of Michael Nieskes.

This 20 month court case was motioned to be "Dismissed with Prejudice" by the succeeding District Attorney Rich Chiapete who fully understood the egregious misconduct of his 
predecessor Michael Nieskes.  The complicit and corrupt court reluctantly agreed to dismiss the case "with prejudice". WTF?

The above case should give anybody with any knowledge of law the dangers that Michael Nieskes presents to the community, liking to a spyder who he weaves his web of subversion  and complicity around various government agencies to subvert the rights of the individual without scrutiny from other government agencies.   

Michael Nieskes in 2011 and 2012 was exposed  to the public thru the blogging community in Racine County, the truth of Michael Nieskes could no longer be contained by the local media.

In Michael Nieskes's narcissistic mind, it's only about Nieskes.

Nieskes is everything George Orwell warned you about in the book 1984.  You the voting public will be the proles if the current path continues in St. Croix County. 

The above is YOUR future 1984 if Michael Nieskes is elected as District Attorney of St. Croix County

On November 8th. 2016, St. Croix County voters have an opportunity to change course of the direction of leadership in the D.A.'s office.

Protect your rights!

Vote informed!

Donna Burger
Sarah Yacoub