Monday, November 7, 2016

Michael Nieskes
Rino Republican Candidate
for District Attorney of St. Croix County

Profession: Career politician
Lifetime career in government
No experience in business world

Racine Reject
Overwhelmingly removed from office by 
Racine County voters in 2012

Child Abuser:
Failed to conduct a psychological evaluation on a defendant before moving a 14 year old girl into adult court.
Complicit with false court charge of homicide filed against 14 year old girl when no cadaver exist (thankfully) and no such crime was committed.

Complicit with St.Croix County Circuit Court, specifically Judge Eric lundell and his staff in the criminal act of cyberbullying, also appearing to be complicit in this crime is St Croix County Corporation Counsel Scott Cox.

(We believe Scott Cox is an officer of the corporation and has failed to mitigate any possible future claims against St. Croix county by failing to engage in remedial efforts to correct the records.  Mr. Cox is complicit by failure to act in the crime of cyberbullying with Michael Nieskes and Judge Eric Lundell).

Here are the reasons we bring the above people into Nieskes's resume:
While Michael Nieskes was in Racine County, Nieskes would regularly conspire with other government agencies and agents to wrongly/ punitively charge and/or deny the public their constitutional rights, just as he is already doing in St. Croix County.

Subversive to Civil Rights
Disregards Constitutional protections 
to the public:
Subversive against the 14th. amendment 
Subversive against the 2nd. amendment
Conspired with the court to subvert the right to trial to a defendant. 

Criminal Acts
Michael Nieskes engaged in the criminal act of filing a false affidavit into court records in 2011

100 page + Criminal complaint filed against Michael Nieskes in 2011 to the Wisconsin Attorney general's office

Nieskes's "1984" future vision of 
St. Croix County:
A dystopian future that controls the movements and acts of any of the offending public thru court ordered monitors, controls and directives. Abusing  bail and probation to enforce fines, compliance and control of the public. 
Michael Nieskes places party before country, just as George Orwell warned you about!

Folks, protect your future 
and that of your children.

Vote Donna Burger or Sarah Yacoub



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  2. I am in the process of filing a grievance against Michael Nieskes

  3. my phone # is 651-303-7735

  4. Thank you for the quick response.

    Look forward to speaking with them.

    Arturo Eguia-Welch

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