Friday, November 24, 2017

Is the BEAST at it again?
Has Nieskes again abused his power?

On Thanksgiving day, we at Racine County Corruption received the likes of this following email.
So of course we wish to share this engagement with our proper venue, St. Croix County Corruption.

It is Thanksgiving and my xxxxxx and I are spending it hiding because Nieskes created another arrest warrant for my xxxxxxx. He is abusing the electronic filing system. 

Any chance you can send me a copy of that 100+ pg. Complaint against Michael E. Nieskes so that I can forward it to the proper agency along with the proof of misconduct that we have as well? We would be very thankful.

Have an awesome Thanksgiving!


xxxx & xxxxxx
Victims of Corruption in St. Croix County.

We responded with the likes of the following;

Good morning xxxxxxx,

First, thank you for reaching out to me.
Second, let me state that Michael Nieskes is an unconvicted criminal, protected by both the courts and the Wisconsin Attorney General's Office.
The public doesn't think about or are aware of prosecutorial misconduct until they are a victim themselves.

The criminal  complaint against Michael Nieskes you seek is available thru an open records request from the Wisconsin Attorney general's office.
The criminal complaint was filed in December of 2011.
A simple Public Records Request to the Wisconsin Attorney General's office will generate your request. 
I have provided in this email a Wisconsin Public Records Request template in a manageable word format for your use.

Along with your specific request, I have provided other copies of Wisconsin Public Records request that I have made to give you a idea of how a properly written request focusing on specific records is produced.

Wisconsin regulating agencies (Wisconsin Judicial Commission, Department of Lawyer Regulation)have an abhorrent record of public service. 
These agencies neglect, ignore, minimize and trivialize public complaints, but they do a great job of protecting the accused.
In spite of the agencies dismal record, you should document Nieskes egregious conduct anyway.and forward it to the appropriate agencies.
Please forward the complaint to me so I may document Nieskes's continued egregious conduct.

In your records request, you will have to fill in the date, your address and sign the attached request.
You should call the attorney general's office to see if they will accept and act upon the Public Records Request via email, if so it will speed up the process.
Also ask if they have digitized the file, if so they can email you the complete complaint.
If you have truly been abused by Nieskes, don't give up the fight as their are others that can help you find justice.

I would further like to review your case, so please email me what you can.

Harry Wait


Wisconsin Public Records Request

Brad Schimel
Wisconsin Attorney General
Wisconsin Department of Justice
P.O. Box 7857
Madison, WI 53703-7857


Subject: Wisconsin Public Records Request

Mr. Schimel,

This letter is a request for the inspection of the following records under Wisconsin Public Record laws.
(Wisconsin Statutes 19.31-39 and others)

This Wisconsin Public Records Request is specifically focused on the criminal complaint filed to your office against Michael Nieskes in December of 2011.

The criminal complaint was filed by Harry Wait of Union Grove, Wi.

Specific records requests:

The requester wishes to review the complete criminal complaint filed into your office by Mr. Wait   I further request copies all other complaints filed into your office regarding any misconduct of Michael Nieskes

The requester wishes to review these files in its entirety.

Please be aware that the Open Record laws define “records” to include information that is maintained on paper as well as electronically stored records,  such as data files, video, and unprinted emails.

Wisconsin Public Record laws shall be construed in every instance with the presumption of complete public access consistent with the conduct of government business. The denial of access to public records is generally contrary to the public interest and only in exceptional case can public records access be denied.  Should you deny any part of this request, the law requires you to do so in writing and state what part of the law you believe entitles you to deny my request.  {Wisconsin Statute 19.35,(4),(a)}
The law requires you to respond to this request “as soon as possible and without delay”. Compliance is mandatory by law.  Comply and produce the all the requested records or deny the records request (all or in part) within ten days.

Compliance at some unspecified future time is not authorized by the public records law. The records custodian has two choices: comply or deny. WTMJ, Inc. v. Sullivan, 204 Wis. 2d 452, 457-58, 555 N.W.2d 140, 142 (Ct. App. 1996).

If there are questions or clarification needed of this request, please inform me so I may clarify or refine this request.

Please promptly contact me so I may conduct an inspection of these records.

Respectfully submitted,

xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
Your address
Your phone #
Your Email address

cc. St Croix County Corporation Counsel
 We protect our readers and writers identity. We know first hand that Nieskes is a POS, is punitive and is an unconvicted criminal running the criminal justice system in St. Croix county.  His egregious conduct is well documented.

Robert H. Jackson, former U. S. attorney General understood the dangers of a bad prosecutor.  We believed he understated the following ;
"The prosecutor has more power over life, liberty and reputation than any other person in America."

The reason of being understated you may ask?
Because prosecutors in the State of Wisconsin act with impunity, knowing full well both the courts and regulatory agencies have their back. Bad prosecutors like Nieskes laugh at the thought of regulatory agencies taking any action against them as he knows the agencies will automatically dismiss, marginalize, trivialize filed complaints and protect the accused.

Nieskes continues his egregious conduct in St. Croix County, first as an ADA, then as D.A.  As ADA,NIESKES filed homicide charges against a 14 year old child when no such homicide occurred. Nieskes then as D.A. dismisses all filed charges.  His insanity continues.
The false charge of homicide that Nieskes filed is a criminal offense in itself. 

To darken the matters, St.Croix County Corporate Counsel Scott Cox and Judge Eric Lundell emboldens Nieskes by the publishing of false and erroneous charges on the WCCA site, another criminal offense.
Judge Eric Lundell is guilty of the crimes of omission and allowing his court to publish such trash on WCCA. 

Scott Cox is derelict of his position by failing to act upon egregious misconduct by both the judge and his staff for posting such trash.  

Nieskes is a POS, a coward and a disease spreading in ST. Croix County, being aided by the diseased judicial branch and the ever derelict Scott Cox, St. Croix Corporation Counsel.  
 Nieskes acts with impunity, knowing the derelict court and regulating agencies will protect him.

But Nieskes is tough on 14 year old girls !!!

Learn the 198 ways to force change;

Think about this folks, if we were not telling the truth, Nieskes being the punitive POS that he is would take action against us.  

The truth hurts - right Mikey?

Thanks for reading and get out and kick some butt