Thursday, October 20, 2016


An underwhelming minority voted at the primaries for Michael Nieskes as the republican nominee.

Nearly 2 out of 3 St. Croix County voters rejected the incumbent, professional politician Nieskes as their first choice.

The truth cannot be muzzled by Nieskes or his political groupies.

Facts are Nieskes talks pro second amendment but in reality is a RINO republican who is subversive to 2nd. amendment rights.

The truth was told in Racine County and the Racine County voters responded by overwhelmingly rejecting his efforts to continue in office.

Consider this, Mike Nieskes does have the unique resume as many claim, and has many years of experience as many say. Further he had a very short stint as a Scott Walker appointed judge in Racine County. 
But come voting day in 2012, Racine County voters overwhelmingly rejected Michael Nieskes for what he really was..... A corrupt, subversive narcissist who abused his power while in office.

Nieskes tells you that he has the support of law enforcement, that is true, from the naive or rogue, subversive or derelict law enforcement.

Michael Nieskes often collaborated and conspired with law enforcement officials in Racine County to deny individuals basic civil rights.

Nieskes and various rogue law enforcement officials would conspire together and award citizens with trumped up charges like disorderly conduct or use minor traffic violations to penalize their critics.

We watched Nieskes flaunt his close involvement with law enforcement in Racine County. Nieskes and Racine County Sheriff Schmaling abused their powers and appeared to subvertly create a non declared police state.

Fortunately, many local area police departments rejected Nieskes as their Furor. 

Many Racine County law enforcement officials ( including chiefs and captains) were pleased to see Nieskes replaced by current D.A Rich Chiapete

Think about this folks, As the top cop of the county, a D.A.  must keep an arms length from the action to effectively have an impartial understanding of the events that took place.  What happens when you have a rogue cop? How can Nieskes effectively know what is really happening in the field and deal with a rogue cop when his head is so far up their ass that he can't see what's happening.

Worse yet, Nieskes is part of the problem as to why there is little or no recourse to citizens who have been wronged by government officials. 

In Racine County, Nieskes was the problem and is now a problem in St. Croix County.

Nieskes now has taught his ADA's the art of overcharging but in doing so has violated Supreme Court Rule 20:3 1.

SCR 20:3.1 Meritorious claims and contentions (a) In representing a client, a lawyer shall not: (1) knowingly advance a claim or defense that is unwarranted under existing law, except that the lawyer may advance such claim or defense if it can be supported by good faith argument for an extension, modification or reversal of existing law;

The D. A's office represents the State and has wrongly and negligently advanced the charge of 940.01(1) (a) against the defendant. 

Where is the outrage from the local bar association for the trumped up charge?
Oh, I forgot, silence is a form of complicity and to play in the St. Croix courts, attorneys have to 

The way we see it, Nieskes and his ADA subordinates appear to be involved in the criminal act of cyberbullying juvenile Kali Bookey.

Nieskes along with ADA Megan Kelly, Alexis Mckinley and others in the St. Croix County District Attorney's office are complicit with ZOMBIE Judge Eric Lundell and his court staff.  These players have used electronic devices and media to wrongly transmit and print homicide charges against minor Kali Bookey.

This negligent and malicious printed overcharge is no laughing matter.  There are consequences for their negligence.

Every day tens of thousands of WCCA files are scanned by the public, employers, law enforcement and attorneys. The derelict and misleading WCCA files are used and abused to discriminate against others. The government is often actively participating in libel.

Again where is the outrage from your "good citizens at corporate law firms" 
Oh again I forgot, they have to be silent and pay to play in the St. Croix County Circuit Court. 

The privileged subverting the privileged who subvert their clients. How appropriate is that.


And look at Nieskes's buddy John Worden.

Do the  names Michael Nieskes and Former Hudson Police officer John Worden conjure up any thoughts?

Chief Marty Jensen and the Hudson police management team has been exposed for inefficient and derelict service to the community. The former Hudson police officer John Worden sex fiasco went on for months.  
Does the term derelict management apply?

No surprise here that they support Nieskes.
Ask Marty why there was a need for 4 officers at the St. Croix D.A debate on Tuesday evening 
Ask Marty about the conversations the attending officers had with the attendees.

Ask Marty and who knows what kind of answer you will get because it appears he doesn't know how to manage his own staff.

Why do you really think Hudson Police officer John Worden was released without any legal consequences?

There is more to the story than Michael Longaecker from the Hudson Star Observer reported.


We have been in St. Croix County for the last week, attended the D.A debates, attended hearings and intermingled with lots of fine folks. We plan to continue our efforts at the front line until November 7th. 2016

 We have finished vetting the candidates.
 St. Croix County Corruption endorses an honest individual with a proven and impeccable record to public service. 
Write in candidate Donna Burger. 
Donna Burger embodies all what a candidate should be.  A proven lifetime record of commitment to community without the fanfare.

Donna Burger

Her webpage still asks for your vote on November 8, 2016

We quote from her webpage

"I have demonstrated a commitment to St. Croix County.  I grew up here and have chosen to raise my own family here. I have lived, worked, played, and volunteered with the citizens of this county for over 4 decades. I look forward to serving you in an additional capacity as your district attorney.  Please vote for me in the primary election on August 9 and again in the general election on November 8, 2016."


Vote write in Candidate Donna Burger as your new District Attorney for St. Croix County on November 8, 2016

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


The St. Croix County District Attorney Debate  of 10-18-2016 was attended by about 45 interested voters and several City of Hudson Police officers. Most of the public was respectful during the debate.  But some of the attendees had the personality of a scorpion and a simple Hi **** elicited an angry response. Did I mention these angry attendees wore "I like Mike" stickers?

There was heightened security at this civil forum do to a hyper sensitive individual requesting the police presence.   The police ratio was projected at one point to be one officer to 10 attendees.

 This was a civil event and the police presence was a total waste of police resources.

During the debate, Nieskes claimed the overwhelming support of law enforcement, but in doing so, failed to mention his affiliation with former Hudson Police Officer John Worden. 

Nieskes further went on to defended allegations of his past  misconduct, claiming the OLR and the Wisconsin Supreme Court found no wrongdoing of his acts while in Racine County.  Well folks consider this, Nieskes and former Calumet County D.A Kenny Kratz go way back.  The OLR in it's initial investigation didn't find anything wrong with Kenny's acts either, that is until the public rose against the ever derelict and incompetent OLR.

OLR-Supreme Court Sanctions :

And Nieskes using the choking, scrapping, hair pulling brawling Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices as valid judges ?

Nieskes would have been be better off not bringing Wisconsin's embarrassing, derelict and incompetent offices into play for his defense.

But then again birds of a feather flock together.

Nieskes during the forum also became a master of excuses of why he missed important community events, defended attacks of corruption and at one point Nieskes asked the audience where is the corruption? An audience member raised his hand to speak, but Nieskes quickly ignored the attempted participation of the audience member.  So typical of a narcissist. 

Neither candidate brought up the botched, false, and erroneous charges issued by the St. Croix  County District Attorneys office against minor Kali Bookey for a murder she didn't commit.  Nor did either candidate publicly admonish the ever derelict Judge Lundell for allowing such an a libelous charge of homicide to remain in WCCA public records.  A reasonable person reading these WCCA records would believe a murder occurred. 
And to further our argument of the St. Croix botched prosecution of minor Kali Bookey,  the prosecution moved the minor into adult court before any qualified psychological evaluations were performed.  Any first year law student would know better than that.
Then to cover the prosecution's ever derelict and incompetent acts, the D.A.'s office moves to seal the records. 

Sarah Yacoub highlighted the need for District Attorney reforms, finding ways to decrease recidivism due to the D.A.'s office of abuse of trumped up excessive bail jumping charges for minor infractions by defendants.

Ms. Yacoub also brought to light the past egregious conduct of Michael Nieskes while acting as District Attorney in Racine County. 

Sarah Yacoub failed to mention the criminal complaint filed against Michael Nieskes to the Wisconsin Attorney General Office on 
The criminal complaint is public record and the complaint includes records tampering, destruction of records and filing a false affidavit into court records - a criminal act.

Fact Check:
Nieskes was rejected by Racine county voters, including over 1,800 voting republicans who crossed party lines to remove the corrupt Nieskes from office and placed Mike Piontec into the Judicial seat.

Before becoming Judge,  Mike Piontec was a trial attorney who was so moved by Nieskes's egregious conduct, that he decided to run for Nieskes's appointed judicial seat.

St. Croix County really needs a Republican candidate who expounds integrity and common sense.
Donna Burger

PLEASE Donna Burger
run as a write in........ PLEASE!


Tuesday, October 18, 2016


The St. Croix County Bar Association is hosting
the St. Croix County District Attorney Debate 
today, Tuesday,  Oct. 18th, at 6 PM @
Willow River Elementary School
1118  4th. Ave. Hudson, Wi.  54016

The debate is open to the public

St. Croix County Corruption will be in attendance of this public debate and will be available for the public to question, probe and scrutinize our documents and writings after the debate.

 Many of you have been intentionally misled and misinformed by Nieskes and his supporters of our motives and work.

Most will be surprise to learn we are not the tobacco spitting, posse comitatus / anti government advocates as Nieskes and his misinformed groupies allege us to be.

In  reality, we are 
Pro Bono Publico / Politico 
advocates empowered by the writings and work of Martin Niemoller 
Truth is St. Croix County Republicans picked the most subversive candidate possible on the Republican ticket and we have the documents to forward our claim.

Think about this folks,  incumbent candidate Nieskes got an underwhelming 35% of the vote. 

Nearly 2 out of 3 Republican voters already stated Nieskes wasn't the best choice.

In 2012,  in a highly polarized political county, over 1800 Racine County Republican  voters crossed the party line and voted for the best person, not party. Nieskes was removed from public office for good cause. 

Facts are St. Croix County Republican voters missed out on the best candidate and we wouldn't be here if Donna Burger was the Republican candidate. 

We look forward to meeting many of the St. Croix County voters at the forum



Sunday, October 16, 2016


Nieskes The subversive

The UN - campaign continues

One man, one case
And an ensuing court battle
 that was dismissed with prejudice 20 months later.

I present to you the
corrupt and subversive
former Racine County 
District Attorney 
Michael Nieskes
Michael Nieskes
St Croix County RINO Republican District Attorney candidate
(stealthily and punitively subversive to 2nd amendment rights)

Hi, my name is Harry Wait
I know Michael Nieskes
I know his doubletalk
I know his corruption
I know his subversion as I experienced it in
 I have a true story of government subversion and corruption that you as St. Croix County residents should want to know.

The same subversive-corrupt Michael Nieskes who is now the RINO republican District Attorney candidate of St. Croix County.

I have extensive firsthand knowledge of Michael Nieskes while he was District Attorney in Racine County in my journey to justice against the punitive and subversive acts of Michael Nieskes’s.

This firsthand knowledge of corruption and subversion I speak of is documented in Racine County District Court records of which in the future I will illuminate with you to include:

·    Denied and subverted defendants(my) rights guaranteed by the 14th amendment.

·    Conspired and colluded with Racine County Sheriff Deputies to thwart a proper investigation.

·    Subverted court authority by withholding documents and records despite a court order to produce all such records.

·    Engaged in court records tampering.

·    Engaged in court date tampering.

·    Engaged in evidence tampering.

·    Engaged in evidence destruction.

·    Engaged in subverting the defendant’s (me) right  of  3 consecutively scheduled trials by holding unethical ex-parte meetings with the corrupt Judge Ptacek the day before scheduled trials. 

.   Violated local court rules by adjourning the trials (3) without notice to the defendant(me) and my witnesses. 
(The state did notify their witnesses of the cancellation of the trials the day before the trials occurred. These unethical acts by Nieskes's office left the defendant and his witnesses appearing 3 times before the court of scheduled trial only to be told the trial had been cancelled without notice to the defendants and his witnesses).

·    Nieskes subverted the court to deny the defendant the right and ability to subpoena and impeach Nieskes’s testimony into court records.

·    Nieskes filed a false affidavit into court  records – an outright criminal act.

Folks, this is just one court case of the corrupt and subversive acts by Nieskes.

Think of the thousands of others who may have  experienced similar unethical and illegal acts while Nieskes was District Attorney in Racine County.  

The court was complicit with these acts and many of the online WCCA records were regularly altered to bury the truth during court case proceedings as the court  case progressed.

Shortly in the future I will be posting the court  files of Racine County Circuit Court case # 2011-FO-00057  to
further illuminate Nieskes as the corrupt and subversive District Attorney that he is.

Keep in mind Michael Nieskes has quite a record of deceit and a following of simple minded groupies to do his dirty work for him.

How low can Michael Nieskes go?
We can only try to imagine.

As Michael Nieskes knows…..Karma is real
and you get what you sow!

BTW …… there are many morals to this story:
Here are two

1.  Eventually the truth comes out 

2. Don't provoke and bite a dog that bites back

Thanks for reading



Friday, October 14, 2016


The St. Croix District Attorney candidates met for their first public forum last night in New Richmond. 
 Michael Nieskes was an early arrival entering the debate room, but quickly appeared shaken with the presence of St. Croix County Corruption. So shaken that he immediately left the debate room and we believe called the New Richmond Police department for police presence at the forum.
Hmmmm........ paranoia ?
 Since there was no request for law enforcement presence from the fine hosts of the forum,we had a cordial conversation (as it should be) with the arriving officer. The officer stated that his supervisor had a request from an "unknown" person at the event for police presence. 
The officer assessed the well organized and orderly forum and left as quickly as he came.

 The well organized D.A. forum occurred with civility. 
Americanism at its best!

During the debate, Mike Nieskes touted his experience claiming he has over 30 years experience and is the best candidate to keep St. Croix County citizens safe. Mike further stated he has conducted  so many trials that he quit counting.

  Sarah Yacoub also expressed her extensive trial experience and  expressed the need for reforms in the 
St. Croix District Attorney's office.
Sarah stated her reforms would include the expansion of the use of drug courts and further expanding the opportunities for citizens to mend their errors by participating in alternative programs, avoiding criminal prosecution for non-violent offenders.

Below we highlight a fundamental difference between the candidates : first read

Now look into Michael Nieskes's latest folly of handling St. Croix County Circuit Court case #2016CF000322
State vs. Kali Bookey. 
Nieskes moved a 14 year old into adult court without an evaluation and without any psychological testing.  Even a first year law student should know better than that.

What is almost equally offensive is the silence and failure of the Hudson area legal community to denounce and publicly admonish the District Attorney's office and the court for the false charge of homicide, along with the publishing of the false charge on WCCA records. 

The most legal way to rid the community of these legal subversives is to vote them out of office.

Voting is not only a privilege, it is a constitutional right in this country. A right that can only remain secure by the thoughtful and informed voting public.

Be that informed and thoughtful voter.
 Vote November 8th, 2016 


Thursday, October 13, 2016

.the qualities regarded as definitive of America or Americans

St. Croix County Corruption salutes the efforts of the VFW Auxiliary to the New Richmond/St. Croix County Memorial Post No.10818 for their efforts to host the candidate forum on 10-13-2016. 
These ladies of this Auxiliary reflect the best in your community and you should be proud of their efforts to bring forth an impartial debate with public participation. 

Salute to the women of VFW Auxiliary Post 10818! 


As seen in River Falls on 10-13-2016

Keep sending those pictures and we will keep printing them.
The UN-CAMPAIGN continues.

Folks , we remind you that evil flourishes where good people do nothing......Do something and VOTE!!!


Tuesday, October 11, 2016


        As the "ANYBODY BUT NIESKES" campaign ramps up, numerous citizens have taken to the streets with their own flair.

Several "ANYBODY BUT NIESKES"signs have mysteriously disappeared from sites.

We have had conversations with the St. Croix sheriff department regarding many of the unique 'ANYBODY BUT NIESKES"signs being placed, and then being removed.  

So putting the signs on vehicles should solve the absconding issue of lawn signs. 

Recently seen in downtown River Falls was the below sign on the passenger side of a vehicle facing a busy sidewalk.
As more citizens "get it", the more signs should be spotted.  Refreshing to see citizens taking back control of their lives from corrupt government officials. 
Special thanks for the endorsement and to the sign maker who


We will see many of you on the 13th!


Monday, October 10, 2016


While Mike Nieskes was in office in Racine County as District Attorney, Mike Nieskes often subverted citizens rights.
      As District Attorney of Racine County, Mike Nieskes wrongly and punitively acted against citizens who exercised  their rights as U.S. citizens. Nieskes was known and documented to conspire with sheriff deputies and other government employees to deny citizens rights and privileges guaranteed by the U.S. constitution and Wisconsin Statutes.. Nieskes would encourage deputies to cite citizens with " TRUMPED" up charges often using the all inclusive "disorderly conduct" charge as punitive punishment by The D.A.'s office. 

     Nieskes further managed many subordinates and fellow government employees to aid in his dirty work. Nieskes's dirty work included working with other government agency employees to redact or withhold evidence, perhaps even going as far as to destroy evidence that would prove to be exculpatory.

     In Racine County circuit court case 2011FO057, numerous telephone conversations were withheld by the D.A's office and over 17 minutes of an ongoing telephone conversation was deleted because the conversation turned toxic for Michael Nieskes's case of wrongful prosecution.  Nieskes was caught conspiring with other government agency employees subverting the law for Nieskes's own self interest.  Yes Nieskes is a narcissist.

    In the same above case, unknown government agents changed court dates(yes plural) without notice to the defendant in an attempt to confuse the defendant to miss court dates. 
AHH .....the tip of the iceberg of Nieskes's subversive ways.

     Look at St Croix County Circuit Court case # 2016CF000322. Deputy District Attorney Nieskes was involved in the wrongful charging of a young girl with murder when no murder occurred. Nieskes then subverts the incompetent Judge Eric Lundell and Lundell post on WCCA records the charge of homicide for all the world to view. 

 A reasonable person viewing WCCA records would believe that the young girl killed another person. WTF?  

      St. Croix County has knowingly published libel against this kid.
Libel has consequences and St.Croix County is not immune to possible actions. An attorney and a judge that are so arrogant to believe they are above the law?  UNACCEPTABLE!



Thursday, October 6, 2016


Michael Nieskes double talks and tells you he likes to wear the white hat.

Consider the following.

Michael Nieskes as District Attorney in Racine County has an indisputable record of subverting one's rights to self defense !

Case in Point

On February 1, 2011
Michael Nieskes acting as District Attorney in Racine County violated his oath of office and conspired to thwart the rights to self defense on one's own property. Nieskes cited a civil disorderly conduct charge against the owner of the property for protecting his own property.

This is how demented and screwed up Michael Nieskes really is.

  Michael Nieskes had conspired with Racine County Sheriff's Deputy Scott Ratkowski, acted maliciously and punitively with Scott Ratkowski to give a property owner a ticket for defending his own property.
Yes you read that right.

Church going or subversive Nieskes?
You decide!

On February 1, 2011 was Michael Nieskes's white hat that of a church toter or a subversive? 

Grand Wizard Michael Nieskes 
as we know him from Racine County

Want to know more?

Contact Racine County Judge Michael Piontec.

At the time in 2011, Attorney Michael Piontec was in private practice and successfully defended said owner against the egregious acts of Michael Nieskes.
The case was dismissed.

NOT by coincidence, months later, Michael Piontec ran for judge and unseated incumbent Michael Nieskes by a wide margin as a Racine County Judge.

Judge Piontec has been an excellent judge.

Racine County voters told Nieskes to 


And so should the voters of St. Croix County.


Monday, October 3, 2016

We at St. Croix County Corruption would like to thank the many fine folks who hosted Thursday's kickoff event of 
for District Attorney.
Special thanks goes to JK,CM,GW and DT for your efforts to make the evening a memorable one. 

The food was great and many of your ideas will be incorporated into the 
campaign in the next few weeks.

One of the best suggestions of the evening was the question ....
Which Michael Nieskes do you know?
The church toting or subversive Nieskes?

Moving on.......

On Thursday, October 13th, the fine folks at the VFW Auxiliary is hosting a candidate forum for the St. Croix District Attorney's office at the 
Civic Center, 156 East First Street 
New Richmond, Wi. 
The forum begins at 7PM.
This event is one of many opportunities to vet your District Attorney candidates and we at St. Croix County Corruption urge all voters to attend.
And of course we will attend this very important event

As a follow up to the VFW forum,
St. Croix County Corruption is planning to host 2 D.A. Symposiums on the 14th. of October. The first being at 10 AM and the second at 6PM.

Locations for each event will be announced shortly.

Remember nearly 2 out of 3 republican primary voters already knew that Michael Nieskes wasn't the best choice. 

Know the truth!
Knowledge is power!