Tuesday, January 17, 2017


 The highly coveted “Today’s D.A. Dirty Rat” was awarded to Michael Nieskes last year for the following:
Abuse of power
Abuse of process
Court date tampering
Court records tampering
Conspiracy to deny defendant trial
And the criminal act of filing a false affidavit into court records
Ref: Racine County Circuit Court Case # 2011FO00057

Michael Nieskes is an un convicted criminal who engaged in the criminal act of filing a false affidavit into court records.  In 2011, a criminal complaint was filed against Michael Nieskes at the Wisconsin Attorney General's office. In 2012, Nieskes was run out of Racine County by voters after being exposed as the criminal he is.

Michael Nieskes

Michael Nieskes was elected St. Croix County District Attorney in 2016.
Michael Nieskes has brought his sick and despicable form of prosecution into St. Croix County.  Nieskes has extended his legacy of abuse of power and deceit in St. Croix County. Nieskes supervised and aided Assistant District Attorney Alexis McKinley to wrongly charge 14 year old juvenile Kali Bookey as an adult and falsely prosecute the Homicide charge of 940.01 (1)(a) in St. Croix County Circuit Court against defendant Kali Bookey.
Ref: St. Croix County Circuit Court Case #2016CF000322

District Attorneys have a responsibility to only bring forth charges to which they can reasonably expect to prove.
How can one even remotely expect to prove homicide when no homicide has taken place?
Thankfully no cadaver or stiff exist in the Kali Bookey prosecution, but what is dead is the rule of reason and law in the St. Croix County District Attorney's office.

To compound the legal matters of this case, Judge Eric Lundell has chosen to overlook the prosecution's lack of good judgment, discretion and candor towards the court

Only a derelict and irresponsible judge would allow a District Attorney's  false charge of homicide to remain before his court.  The court is well aware thru documents provide by law enforcement that the defendant Kali Bookey committed assault, not homicide. 

And speaking of derelict and irresponsible,   

Judge Eric Lundell has been derelict of his duties in the court by acting irresponsibly regarding his overview of the WCCA published records of his court. Judge Eric Lundell has published the false and malicious charge of homicide against juvenile Kali Bookey when Judge Eric Lundell is aware no such homicide took place.
St. Croix County and Circuit Court Judge Eric Lundell is responsible for the criminal act of Cyber Bullying against juvenile Kali Bookey.

Judge Lundell should be immediately recused.

Kali Bookey did not commit homicide, yet Judge Eric Lundell knowingly sees fit to wrongly publish and disseminate misinformation thru WCCA public records known to be false and prejudice against the defendant. 

WTF ???

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