Friday, July 15, 2016


 Michael Nieskes in these last two interviews stated he
likes to wear the white hat.

You may watch the River Channel production here:

There are many styles of white hats

 Is this white hatted "Drag Queen Nieskes" ?

or is this the infamous white hatted Nieskes acting 
as Racine County District Attorney?

Yeah, that looks about right ! 

Like the hat of the KKK, Nieskes's  D.A. 
white hat 
also included subverting citizens rights, and
punitively, maliciously engaging in 
egregious acts while acting as 
District Attorney in Racine County

Nieskes became the laughing stock in the Racine legal community as a result of his failure to successfully prosecute a civil forfeiture case. Nieskes had abused his power and  conspired with a sheriff deputy to punitively cite a civil forfeiture disorderly conduct for protecting family and property. After a 20 month legal battle, the case was dismissed with prejudice after Nieskes was removed from power.

Nieskes became toxic waste in Racine county

Nieskes was voted out of office by informed voters for his 
abuse of power and egregious acts as 
Racine County District Attorney

Think about this folks, Good D.A's and Judges land jobs at local law firms.  The firms want all their political clout, contacts and power.
No law firm hired Nieskes after he was 
voted out of office.

Along with all of Nieskes's "qualifications"
also comes his baggage;
Narcissist, lack of moral character, abuser of power, subversive to constitutional rights, RINO, conspiracy, complicity, collusion, subversive to second amendment rights and Nieskes was personally named in federal court action by Wisconsin Carry, the list goes on and on.

Wisconsin Carry Inc et al v. Nieskes :: Wisconsin Eastern District Court ...

Hey Scott Nordstrand, how could you have 
failed to vet your candidates?

How will Wanda Nielson introduce Mike ? 
 Grand Wizard Nieskes 
of St. Croix County

See folks, this is what happens when political 
organizations place their party before country. 

How about this thought, Nieskes has enough experience
of acting as a corrupt politician  that 
Nieskes could be in Obama's cabinet.

 I know this post isn't politically right,
 but neither is Nieskes

Nieskes got what he negotiated 

“To KNOW Nieskes is to 
NO Nieskes”

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