Thursday, July 21, 2016

Scorched Earth

When it comes to Nieskes, yes it is personal and it is ugly!
Below is part of a recent email I sent to the current 
Racine County District Attorney Rich Chiapete.

In 19 days, the republican primary will determine its candidate for District Attorney.

No Nieskes = no further involvement, but.......

Should the republican candidate be Michael Nieskes, I will engage in a political and public scorched earth policy to discredit and thwart the efforts of Michael Nieskes to become D.A.

That political scorched earth policy will include all who comfort, aid and abet Michael Nieskes. 

The St. Croix republican party and individuals within the party will be relentlessly mocked for failing to vet and perform due diligence  

I have the skills and the infrastructure to move the public to remove an elected official and / or thwart an attempt of being elected. Local scouts are already active in the St. Croix area.

This is where it can become a slippery slope for Patricia, if it indeed does comes to this point, Patricia can be named as a witness to the fact that she was the person who introduced me to Nieskes.  Timelines overlap with other contacts and illuminate Nieskes knowingly lied to the court in his affidavit. The problem for Patricia is that she herself is running for D.A. and any reference and / or association with Michael Nieskes or the name Michael Nieskes will be to her political detriment.

I DON'T want that to happen.

Also, press may adversely affect Noah Wishau's image in the community and again, I DON'T want that to happen. The main reason I never pursued Nieskes in federal court is that Nieskes would sacrifice anybody to save himself, that is the narcissist I came to know doing battle in court with Nieskes. I believe Nieskes would even sacrifice innocent children before taking responsibility for his egregious acts. He is that ugly of a person.

Nieskes in the past has used other people to do his dirty work, Nieskes oversaw Noah to engage in exparte meetings with judge Ptacek to thwart my efforts to hold trial the day before trial. Noah notified the state witnesses not to appear for trial the day before trial but failed to notify me or my witnesses that the trial had been adjourned thru the exparte meeting. 

This tactic occurred twice, with the third attempt using the ploy that Ptacek was sick and there was a possibility of another adjournment the day before trial, but Noah again notified the state witnesses not to appear while I and my witnesses appeared the next day for trial. Again Noah or judge Ptacek failed to notify me that the trial was postponed, and again I appeared with my subpoenaed witnesses and the state's subpoenaed witnesses did not show.

Not to forget some of the best political fodder will come with Michael Nieskes's star witness, Nicholas Sheen; Nieskes's witness of ill fame whom your office later prosecuted for theft, arson ect and received a prison sentence of over 20 years. Karma?  Poetic justice?  or more political fodder against Nieskes?

So, if and when it may come down to the choice of protecting some good people from the Nieskes fallout vs. allowing Nieskes the opportunity to become D.A., I will fall back on my training that " the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few". 

That's where Patricia and Noah may have to make the difficult choice between the "truth or consequences".

Only then may the truth protect Patricia and Noah during my scorched earth policy.

The District Attorney's office is too influential and powerful a position to allow a narcissist like Nieskes to ever abuse or hold again.

If you know the saying "Instant asshole, just add alcohol" , so goes the saying for me except  " just add Nieskes"

Nieskes's lowest point and biggest mistake with me?    On 1-06-2011 Nieskes wrongly, punitively and maliciously conspired with deputy Ratkowski by citing my brother in law for protecting his wife and property on his own property along with me.

We were both protected and privileged to act yet Nieskes chose to abuse his position of power.  Nieskes crossed the line and wrongly involved my family in his contempt against me. That's how low of a lowlife Nieskes is. 

It is indeed personal and ugly, 

This is the single shot I put over the bow of the 
St. Croix Republican party.

Scott Nordstrand and Wanda Nielson
should take notice to further vet and scrutinize
the unconvicted criminal
Michael Nieskes.

As George Orwell would say.......

You were warned

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